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300 Rewards & Incentives • Positive Reinforcement
Fidget Folders
Fidget Folders make great rewards for all ages! Cards keep folding over and over and over again, each stage with a different design. Includes place to write student’s name. 16 per pack.
A Sharp Bunch Color My World Reading Puns Star WarsTM
EU-872001 $4.49 EU-872003 $4.49 EU-872005 $4.49 EU-872007 $4.99
EU-872009 $4.99
Forever folding for fidgety fun!
You Can Toucan Kaleidoscope The Cat in the HatTM MarvelTM Super Hero Adventure Mickey®
EU-872002 $4.49 EU-872004 $4.49 EU-872006 $4.99 EU-872008 $4.99 EU-872010 $4.99
Scent-sational Bookmarks
Fun and colorful scented bookmarks have a long-lasting smell that will make reading even more fun! Pack of 24. $5.99 Each
EU-834023 EU-834025 EU-834026 EU-834028 EU-834030 EU-834032 EU-834034 EU-834035 EU-834039 EU-834040 EU-834041 EU-834042
Reading is a Big PIZZA my Heart (Pizza)
Words of Encourage- MINT (Mint)
I Find Read- ing Very A-PEEL-ING
I’d Love to Read S’MORE!
I Like to Read BERRY Much
Will Read for Chocolate (Chocolate)
Reading is a Piece of CAKE (Cake)
Let’s TACO ‘Bout This Book (Taco)
You are One in a MELON (Watermelon)
Reading Makes My Heart POP (Popcorn)
Hard CORE Reader (Apple)
(Banana) (Marshmallow) (Strawberry)
POP Star Reader (Cola)
Playtime PalsTM Book Buddies
Handy 2" x 61⁄2" size includes space for writing on the back. Pack of 36.
$3.99 Each
T-12016 Welcome Pencil
T-12061 Happy Birthday Frog-tastic!®
Reward Tickets
Students will love redeeming these colorful tickets for a reward or privilege they’ve earned. 36 each of 6 designs. 216 pieces. CTP8221 $6.49
T-12080 T-12110
Reading is... To read is very... Owl-Stars!®
You are a Reading Star
Take a Paws and Read!
Dive into a good book! Sea BuddiesTM
Wild About Books Furry Friends®
Read it!
Read it! Frog-tastic!®
Ticket Awards
Each award is perforated into two parts. One part is filled out by the teacher and the student takes it home to show parents. The second part is signed by the student and placed in a container for a chance to win a prize in the classroom. Each complete ticket measures
81⁄2" x 23⁄4". 100 tickets per pack. $3.99 Each SC-965207 Good Work! SC-511918 Free Homework Night!
SC-965209 Good Behavior!

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