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Positive Reinforcement • Rewards & Incentives  301
Adjustable to fit any head size!
Build awareness for special people or events with wristbands made of silicone. Each pack contains 10 wristbands–two each of five different colors.
Personalize these 231⁄2"L crowns with student names or special messages. 30 per pack. $12.99 Each
CD-0234 Rainbow Star NEW!
CD-101085 Twinkle Twinkle You’re a Star! Birthday
CD-101021 Birthday
CD-101022 Graduation
Great for decorating and personalizing for every
$4.99 Each
TCR6548 Star Student TCR6549 Terrific TCR6550 Happy Faces TCR6551 Stars
TCR6552 Paw Prints TCR6559 Happy Birthday
Wristbands Valu-Pak
TCR6568 Happy 100th Day
TCR6569 Character Traits
TCR6570 Black with White Paw Prints TCR6573 I Was Caught Being Good TCR6574 Happy Birthday 2
24-pack includes 4 each of 6 designs: Star Student, I Was Caught Being Good, Happy Faces,
Paws Prints, Stars, and Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday
Wristbands Jar
An assortment
of 36 wristbands. TCR6577 $19.99
Braggin’ Badges
Give ‘em something to brag about! 23⁄4" x 31⁄4". 24 self-adhesive badges
per pack.
CD-168053 CD-168054 CD-168055 CD-168056 CD-168057 CD-168058
$1.99 Each
Happy Birthday!
I Lost a Tooth! Super Kid
Star Student Happy 100th Day! Star Reader
occasion! Card stock. Pack of 24.
HYG65243 HYG65249 HYG65244
White Crowns
Bright Tag, 6 each of 4 colors Bright Gold Tag
$7.99 $10.99
Pencil & Eraser Topper Write-Ons
Reward a job well done or recognize special events with decorative pencil & eraser combos! Wooden pencils have #2 lead, and eraser toppers are latex-free. 36 pencil/topper combos per tub.
$23.99 Each
Treasure Chests
MPD53009 Smiley Face MPD52975 Apple MPD53034 Hoot Owl
MPD53040 Birthday Party MPD52960 Sports
Treasure Chest Rewards
28 pieces including 4 sticky lizards,
14 rings, 4 erasers, 4 stampers, and
2 smiling face balls
TCR5210 $8.99
Use to hold rewards for achievements, read- ers, manipulatives for learning centers, special surprises, wristbands, stickers, and more! Assembled chest measures 91⁄2"W x 8"D x 81⁄2"H. $11.99 Each
TCR5048 Treasure Chest TCR5160 Superhero Chest

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