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Classroom Data Tracking
Data-Tracking Tools at Your Fingertips!
A simple, time-saving way to successfully track student progress toward mastery of essential math and language arts skills. These customizable, interactive resources offer an easy way to set academic goals and accurately assess student growth. Each title includes crosswalks for every anchor and an example for every
Win-Win Discipline
Strategies for All Discipline Problems Win-Win Discipline is the single most com- prehensive and effective classroom discipline program available. Period. Never before has there been a more practical and powerful step-by-step approach to discipline. The goal is to teach students to meet their unmet needs so they no longer need to be disruptive. Watch disruptive behavior disappear as Win-Win turns anger into rational decision-making, replaces boredom with active engagement, channels excess energy into productive learning, trans- forms attention-seeking into self-validation, and more! 624 pages. All Grades
Classroom Management • Teacher Resources  303
Management & Discipline
Activities Featuring Kagan Structures Promote proper behavior in your classroom and throughout school with these 37 cooperative and engaging activities. For example, students play Fact-or-Fiction to review classroom rules. The ac- tivities are divided into three main sections: Class- room Behavior, School-Wide Rules, and Recess. By participating in these fun and interactive activities, students will learn how to behave appropriately inside and outside your classroom. 136 pages.
reproducible. 160 pages.
$12.99 Each
CD-104916 CD-104917 CD-104918
Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2
CD-104919 CD-104920 CD-104921
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Instant Assessments for Data Tracking
This series provides a variety of ready-to-go assessments and covers the skills and standards for the entire year. Each book includes pretests and post-tests, exit tickets, lists for creating your own assessments, classically formatted tests, prompt cards, flexible one-on-one assessments, and a comprehensive
answer key. 96 pages.
$9.99 Each
Includes step-by-step instructions, hints, variations, over 100 teambuilding activi- ties, and ready-to-use blackline masters for each of 14 favorite teambuilding struc- tures like: Fan-N-Pick, Team Interview, and Placemat Consensus. Promote a positive class and team atmosphere in your class- room and watch as your students work together in harmony. 232 pages.
KPPBKT Teambuilding $29.00
Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Language Arts
CD-104940 CD-104941 CD-104942 CD-104943 CD-104944 CD-104945
CD-104922 CD-104935 CD-104936 CD-104937 CD-104938 CD-104939
This best seller includes step-by-step instructions, hints, variations, activities, and ready-to-use blackline masters for each of 10 favorite cooperative, class- building structures like: Mix-N-Match, Stir-the-Class, and Who Am I. Students are quickly and immediately energized— ready to tackle any curriculum. Promote a positive class atmosphere with fun and easy activities. 208 pages.
KPPBKC Classbuilding $29.00 KPPBQCB Classbuilding Questions,
184 pages
I Can...
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Show what your students can
do! Write standards or goals that students are working to achieve in the form of “I can...” statements. Then display students’ work or students’ names below each statement. Includes 211⁄2" x 51⁄2" header, 10 medium cards and 12 small cards. 23 pieces.
TCR4623 $7.99
Teambuilding Questions,
176 pages
Differentiated Instruction Cubes
Different groups can work with different cubes, allowing teachers to adjust
the questions or tasks on each cube to best match the needs of each learner in the group. Includes 3 durable fabric cubes with clear plastic pockets, a comprehensive resource guide with cross-curricular activities, plus templates for create-your-own cards. Cubes are 4" x 4".
CD-146006 $19.99
Includes Resource Guide with Cubing Activities!

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