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304 Teacher Resources • Teacher Helpers
A fun way to review and reinforce skills across all subjects! Students are able to personalize learning to fit their needs as they create fun, interactive notebook pages. Contains a guide for teachers including note taking, lesson plans and reproducibles for creating notebook pages on a variety of topics. 96 pages. $9.99 Each
Seasonal Interactive Notebook
CD-105019 Grade K CD-105014 Grade 1 CD-105015 Grade 2
CD-105016 Grade 3 CD-105017 Grade 4 CD-105018 Grade 5
100+ Growth Mindset Comments
The Right Words at the Right Time
This all-new series provides teachers with instant access to comments they can use to support the development of a growth mindset in students. Each book includes 9 tabbed sections: Classroom Management, Whole-Class, Students’ Self- Talk, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Home–School.
SEP51046 SEP51048
Classroom Management Folders
Grades K–2 Grades 3–5
The First 30 Days of School:
Routines & Rituals
These comprehensive guides each include 30 grade-appropriate mini- lessons, one for each of the first 30 days of school. Focused on literacy, lessons include shared reading and writing, class meetings, conferences, accountable talk, and responding to literature. Also includes tips for classroom organization, reproducible calendars, reading logs, book lists, assessments, and more.
Two-pocket folders contain essential info—from homework reference tools to substitute teacher instructions—to keep everyone on track! $2.99 Each
Responsive Teaching and Learning Second Edition
This invaluable resource provides a framework for implementing culturally and linguistically responsive teaching strategies in today's diverse classrooms. Teachers will be able to implement best-practice instruction with the practical, easy-to-implement strategies and concrete activities provided.
SC-823677 Substitute Teacher SC-823679 Homework
2 pockets plus 16-page tips booklet!
Substitute Teacher Supreme Folder
This durable two-pocket folder
helps organize sub plans and offers activities to use in a pinch. Features a 16-page booklet with reproduc- ible pages, forms, tips, and reports. Adaptable to a variety of grade levels. SC-823678 $5.99
304 pages. All Grades
Aim High NEW! Complete! Concise! Easy-to-use! The folder only takes five minutes
of your time to complete and will ensure your substitute a great day. Includes sturdy inside pocket to hold extra information.
91⁄2" x 111⁄2". Grades PreK–8 $2.99 Each
The Big Book of
Holidays and
Cultural Celebrations
Make learning about holidays and cultural celebrations fun and en- gaging! These handy resources are filled with ready-to-use reproduc- ibles, fun facts, puzzles, crafts, and more. Digital resources included. 280-296 pages. $19.99 Each
NL-4687 Grades K–2 NL-4688 Grades 3–4
Grades 5–6
SC-823681 Schoolwork SC-823680 School to Home
Writing Effective
Report Card Comments
Song Bird
CD-136001 Stylin’ Stripes Substitute Teacher Folders
Hundreds of ready-to-use comments in a variety of specific areas in academic performance and per- sonal development! General messages are included, as well as a list of helpful words and phrases.
64 pages. All Grades
TCR8856 $12.99
Spiral-bound. 26 pages, 9 tabs.
$17.99 Each
Culturally and Linguistically
80 pages.
NL-4646 NL-4647
Grades K-2 Grades 3-6
$16.99 Each

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