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T-23001 Alphabet T-23026 Rhyming T-23025 Opposites T-23008 Phonics T-23045 Word Families T-23003 Picture Words
T-23027 Sight Words—Level A
T-23028 Sight Words—Level B
T-23029 Sight Words—level C
T-23007 Shapes & Colors T-23002 Counting 0-25 T-23040 Numbers 0-100
Build and sharpen es- sential skills, including reading comprehension, shape recognition, and problem solving, as you play. 56 two-sided cards,
Pocket Flash Cards
Practice and master skills and increase confidence! Self-checking cards and activ- ity ideas support individual and group learning. Durable, no-see-through cards feature rounded corners for quick sorting. Each set includes 56 two-sided cards, 31⁄8" x 51⁄4". $3.99 Each
T-23015 Telling Time T-23020 Money
T-23004 Addition 0-12
T-23005 Subtraction 0-12
T-23006 Multiplication 0-12
T-23018 Division 0-12
T-23016 Sign Language
T-23017 Animals
T-23022 Community Helpers
T-23013 U.S. Presidents
T-23014 States & Capitals
T-23019 Make-Your-Own
101 Activities for Fast Finishers
Keep “fast finishers” busy while other students are still working. Choose from 35 Lively Language Arts activities, 35 Mind-Bender Math activities, and 31 Beyond Brainy activities that focus on critical thinking. Each activity is labeled with an estimated amount of time it will take to complete—usually just 5 to 15 minutes.
112 pages. TCR2936 Grade 1 TCR2937 Grade 2 TCR2938 Grade 3
TCR2939 Grade 4 TCR2940 Grade 5 TCR2966 Grade 6
$14.99 Each
31⁄8" x 51⁄4".
T-24023 T-24005 T-24007 T-24011 T-24012 T-24010 T-24021 T-24022 T-24009 T-24013 T-24014
$3.99 Each
Alphabet Old Maid. Grades PreK+
Numbers Go Fish. Grades PreK+
Shapes & Colors Memory Match. Grades PreK+ Sequence Rummy. Grades PreK+
I Can Read Puzzles. Grades PreK+
Spellominoes®. Grades 1+
Dinosaur Mighty Match. Grades PreK+
Math Splash War Addition & Subtraction. Grades K+ Fraction Dominoes. Grades 3+
Test Prep Math Word Problems. Grades 1–3
Test Prep Math Word Problems. Grades 4–6
21st Century Skills
Teach your students the essential life skills to prepare them for current or soon-to- be created jobs of the future. Real-life exercises and open-ended strategies include role-playing scenarios, project-based exercises, technology and media integration, and more. 60 pages. Reading Level Grades 3–4, Interest Level Grades 3–8+
$14.95 Each
CCP5794 CCP5795 CCP5796
Learning Problem Solving
Learning Communication and Teamwork Learning Skills for Global Competency
Cooperative Learning
You will find step-by-step structures, hundreds of helpful management tips, and teacher-friendly activities. Schools and teachers use Kagan Cooperative Learning to boost academics, close the achievement gap, improve student relations, and create a more kind and caring school community.
Grammar. Grades K–2 Grammar. Grades 3–5 Mathematics. Grades K–8 Mathematics. Grades 8–12 Pre-Algebra. Grades 6–10 Algebra 1. Grades 7–12 Algebra 2. Grades 9–12 Geometry. Grades 8–12 Hands-On Science. Grades 3–8
$29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $29.00
Music For The MindTM CDs
Compelling brain research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. Music for the MindTM is a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that resonate with listeners of all levels, enhancing mental performance. All Grades
In The Zone
For prolonging concentration, enhanc- ing motivation, creativity and more. KPPLGMZ $15.00
For boosting enthusiasm, cooperative projects, arts & crafts and more. KPPLGMP $15.00
Problem Solving
For logical thinking, organizing, math- ematics, science labs and more. KPPLGMS $15.00
Reading & Writing
For creative writing, journaling, reading for comprehension and more. KPPLGMW $15.00
Relaxed Alertness
For improving memory, increasing focus, studying, test-taking and more. KPPLGMR $15.00
Productive Flow
For enhancing productivity, completing tasks, reaching goals and more. KPPLGMF $15.00

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