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Early Literacy & Math • Early Learning 29
Mailbox Math
Young children love practicing math basics hands-on with these delightful, sturdy plastic mailboxes and colorful sorting and answer cards. The 5 mailboxes features pull-down mail slots and secret sliding doors for emptying the mailbox and checking answers. Includes 320 sorting and answer cards,
plus 80 color-coded make-your-own cards. Ages 4+
PC-5296 $49.95
Learning early math skills is a snap! Chunky snap-togeth- er pieces are easy for little hands to snap together and pull apart. Color-coded for self-checking.
Number Bugs
Introduces numbers, counting 0-5, addition, and color matching. Includes 18 pieces that make 6 bugs, 4"L x 4"W
x 11⁄2"H each. Ages 2+
Counting Cows
Teaches number identification, counting 1-10, and numerical order. Cows measure 33⁄4"L x 13⁄4"W x 2"H. 20 pieces. Ages 11⁄2+
Smart Snacks®
Alpha PopsTM
Pop together these frozen treats to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Double-sided to include all 26 letters. Self-checking
by color. Single Alpha Pop measures 4"L x 11⁄4"W.
26 pieces. Ages 2+ LER7345 $24.99
Rainbow Color
This realistic treat includes
10 stackable scoops in 10 differ- ent colors and 2 plastic cones. Scoops measure 21⁄2"H x 2" dia. 12 pieces. Ages 11⁄2+
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Pop the numbered shell over the ice cream pop with the matching number of dots. Includes 10 pops and 10 matching shells. Ice cream pops measure approx. 41⁄2"L x 2"W. 20 pieces. Ages 11⁄2+
Shape Sorting Cupcakes
Children match shapes to put 8 colorful, 2-part cupcakes back together. Cupcakes measure 2"H x
The smarter way to play! Treat-themed sets combine imaginative play with essential early skills.
11⁄2" dia. 17 pieces. Ages 11⁄2+
Counting CookiesTM
Shape Matching Cookies
A delicious way to learn! Cookies are numbered 0-10 on one side and the corresponding number of choco- late chips on the opposite side. Cookies measure 13⁄4" and jar measures 61⁄2"H. Includes 11 soft, plastic cook- ies and plastic jar with lid. 13 pieces. Ages 11⁄2+ LER7348 $24.99
This tantalizing assortment of decorated sugar cookies provides a sweet way for little ones to learn color and shape identification. Baking sheet measures 91⁄2"L x 41⁄2"W x 3⁄4"H; cookies measure approximately 13⁄4". 9 pieces. Ages 2+
LER7353 $24.99

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