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310 Teacher Resources • Send-Home Practice
Literacy Flash Cards
162 cards per pack. $9.99 Each JRL214 Nouns, Ages 3+
JRL202 Letter Sounds, Ages 4+ JRL201 Word Recognition, Ages 4+ JRL203 Phonics, Ages 5+
JRL211 Decoding, Ages 5+ JRL207 Meaning, Ages 6+ JRL209 Verb, Ages 6+
JRL215 Suffixes, Ages 6+ JRL216 Word Families, Ages 7+
Math Flash Cards
162 cards per pack.
$9.99 Each
JRL210 Counting, Ages 4+ JRL204 Addition, Ages 5+ JRL205 Subtraction, Ages 5+ JRL206 Multiplication,
Ages 6+
JRL212 Fraction, Ages 6+
Flashbot® &
Flash Cards
Flashbot® is a fun, new flash card flipper that helps children learn
key reading and mathematical facts. Feed the flash card into the Flashbot’s mouth and see the answer magically appear below.
Does not require batteries! Includes 20 flashcards. JRL200 $19.99
Flash Card
Four colorful flash card
sets in one package offer
4 times the learning! Our proven flash cards and game cards introduce essential readiness skills like counting, matching, beginning sounds, reading and more. A great send-home resource for extra reinforcement!
Includes Alphabet; Alphabet Match; Go Fish: Alphabet; and Three-Letter Words. SZ-04043 $11.99
Math Grades 3–4
Includes Time & Money; Multiplication 0-12; Division 0-12; and Math War: Multiplication. SZ-04047 $11.99
Power Packs
Power Packs contain 4 card sets to energize skill practice and mastery and boost kids’ confidence! Self-checking flash cards feature answers on back for independent learning. Durable, no-see-through cards. Quick-sorting, rounded corners. 56 two-sided cards per set. 31⁄8" x 51⁄4".
Early Skills
Alphabet, Rhyming, Counting 0-25, and Shapes & Colors. Ages 3+ T-23907 $15.99
Includes Colors, Shapes & More; Numbers, Colors & Shapes; Numbers 0-25; and Old Maid: Numbers.
Includes Picture Words; Sight Words; Word Families; and Phonics Made Easy. SZ-04045 $11.99
Includes Numbers 1-100; Addition 0-12; Subtraction 0-12; and Math War: Addition & Subtraction. SZ-04046
I Can Do It
Numbers Go Fish, Alphabet Old Maid, Shapes & Colors Memory Match, and Sequence Rummy. Ages 3+
T-24901 $15.99
Math Grades 1–2
Picture Words, Sight Words–Level A, Phonics, and I Can Read Puzzles. Ages 3+
Telling Time, Addition 0-12, Subtraction 0-12, and Math Splash War. Ages 5+
T-23904 $15.99

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