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Art Movements Bulletin Board Set
Introduce students to the colorful, imaginative world of art and the philosophi- cal and historical ideas that inspired individual art movements. 11" x 17" posters feature characteristics and leading artists of each movement and showcase representative examples of artwork. 8 pieces.
NS-3082 $11.99
Crystal Color Wheel
Large color wheel clearly illustrates and teaches color relationships. Inner wheel rotates to show analogous, complementary, and triadic schemes plus warm and cool colors. Classroom Display includes fine art reproductions and special dia- grams explaining concepts such as hue, chroma, value, tints, tones, and shades. Printed on heavy card stock and laminated.
Know the Artist Posters Set
Award-winning posters help students learn to recognize and remember artists and masterworks in a wide variety of styles, techniques, and subjects. Includes works such as Mona Lisa, Portrait of Dora Maar, The Night Watchmen, Im- pression Sunrise, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, and more. Set of 8 posters, 18" x 24" each. and a comprehensive teacher’s guide.
Classroom Display, 24" x 18"
Large Student Edition, 17" x 17"
Student Color Wheel, 81⁄2" x 11". Set of 10
$21.99 $11.99 $59.99
Illustrated Elements of Art
& Principles of Design
Developed for young students, introductions to the elements of art and principles of design describe each concept with colorful illustrations, artwork, and photographs. Each concept is followed by hands-on activities to reinforce the students' comprehension. 72 pages.
Elements of Art
Display Cards
Full-color instructional cards feature art examples and diagrams to illustrate each concept of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Includes Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, Space, Balance, Contract, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity. 18" x 6". Set of 14.
How to Teach Art to Children
Primary Art
It’s the Process, Not the Product Award-winning author Mary Ann Kohl offers over 100 art experiences that value the process of art, more than the final product. Encourage artis-
tic expression at every level, from beginning to advanced, with hard-to-resist activities such as Shimmer Paint, Squeezy Batik, Sunbright Collage, and Jellie Dangles. 184 pages. Grades K–3 GR-17829 $19.95
Art with Anything
52 Weeks of Fun Using Everyday Stuff Organized alphabetically by material, each week fea- tures one everyday material (address labels, fabric scraps, leaves, rocks) and provides 5 days of unique activities, increasing in complexity with each day. Children will love making Glitter Photo Jars, Shake- It-Up-Bag Paintings, Family Finger Puppets, and more. 128 pages. Grades PreK–5
GR-15773 $19.95
This beautifully illustrated book is designed to increase children’s awareness of different kinds of art and offers a wide range of activities to experience it. Children learn about the seven elements of art and then use the elements in the styles of famous artists. Includes background information, literature resourc- es, easy step-by-step directions for 96 art projects, plus downloadable PDFs of famous works of art.
160 full-color pages. Grades 1–6
EMC1016 $18.99
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