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Bull’s EyeTM
The Silly Split-Second Plunger Game
An animal card is flipped face up. Be the first player
to plunge its matching pair and collect that card to score a point. Score the most points and win! Includes 48 silly animal cards, five mini-plungers that pick up cards, game mat and rules. 2-5 players. Grades PreK+ GTGPM20 $14.95
Engine, Engine No. 9TM
The tracks move on every turn–it’s a real game changer! Young engineers use strategy and counting skills as they move the tracks in a race to get their trains to the station. Includes 12 toy trains.
Uh-Oh Hippo!TM
The Munchy Memory Game
Uh-oh! Can you remember what Hugo ate? Place the munchies inside of Hugo the hippo’s mouth for feeding time and see if you can remember what he ate. Then close his mouth—when it opens again, one piece is missing! Do you remember what it is? Grades PreK+ 1
EI-2887 $21.99
Doggy BagsTM
Flip over a card revealing Franky’s food choice. Now reach inside your doggy bag and feel around for the food that matches what’s on the card. No looking allowed in this “Feel Good” game of tactile tastiness. Be first to feed Franky five of his favorite foods and win! Includes 18 plastic food items, 9 food cards, one Franky card, and two Doggy Bags. 2 players. Grades PreK+
2-4 players. Grades K+
Clack!TM Game
The Magnets Clack as They Stack Spread out the magnetic discs, roll the dice, and scramble to match the picture and the color. Make a match, grab a disc, and use its magnetic clack to build
Don’t Drop the DonutTM
Roll the die and then carefully pull out a stick that matches the color you rolled. Big blue sticks are worth 15 points, medium yellow ones are worth 10 points and thin red ones are worth
5 points. The game ends when the donut drops! 2-4 players. Grades PreK+
GTGPM19 $14.95
The Seek & Find Memory Game
This fun, active game helps young children learn the names of colors, shapes, animals, foods and more while seeking and finding each match. Includes 36 large, round “Seek Me” photo cards to scatter face down around the room, and 36 matching “Find Me” cards for a parent or teacher to call out. 2 or more players. Grades PreK+
MWA62076 $19.95
Fruit PunchTM
a stack. 2-6 players. Grades K+
Players watch the cards as they’re flipped to do math in their heads (addition and subtraction). The first player to spot five of the same fruit squeaks the banana in a race to collect the most cards. 2-6 players. Grades K+
AMG18006 $9.99
Connect the ThoughtsTM
This matching and thinking
game challenges both sides of students’ brains. First, they use visual recognition to match pictures, then they use their analytical skills and creativity to connect the pictures in a race to line up 5 cards.
2-4 players. Grades K+ 1
“Can you find the apple?”
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