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314 Games • Early Learning
Sleeping BeautyTM
Can you help the knight reach Sleeping Beauty’s castle? Or perhaps you prefer to play as the dragon? Includes 60 challenges (30 with the dragon and 30 without) and a picture book with a modern twist on
Little Red Riding HoodTM
A logic game where kids use their brains to help Lit- tle Red Riding Hood find the right path to Grandma’s house! But beware, the Wolf has to find his way too. Includes 48 challenges with solutions and a picture book with the fairy tale. 1 player. Grades PreK–2 1 SG-021 $26.99
Big Fish Little Fish
Collect a school of little fish by remembering which big fish they’re hiding under and win! Find a match- ing pair and take one. Improves memory, color recognition and fine motor skills. Includes 9 wooden big fish, 9 wooden little fish, and rules. 1-4 players. Grades PreK+ 1
Three Little PiggiesTM
This brain game features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses. Includes 48 challenges with solutions and a picture book with the fairy tale. 1 player. Grades PreK–1 1 SG-023 $26.99
the original story. Grades PreK–2
Learn colors & counting in the cutest way ever!
Duck-a-RooTM Game
Feed FuzzyTM
Roll the jumbo wooden dice and then go hunting for colored acorns that match what you rolled. Now it’s time to Feed Fuzzy! His stretchy cheeks sure can hold a lot of acorns! Be first to feed Fuzzy all of your acorns and win! 1-4 players. Grades PreK+ 1 GTGPM15 $24.95
Everything is ducky when Mama Duck has her ducklings in a row. But when players use their memo- ries to flip over a token that matches the last duck
in line, they call out “Duck-a-roo!” and swim it to the front. 2-4 players. Grades PreK+
Peek-A-Doodle Doo!TM
A charming and delightful game designed to improve concentration and memory skills. Game pieces are in constant motion for fast-
moving fun! 2-4 players. Grades PreK+ 1 FBT093
Monkey Bingo®
Product Safety See inSide front cover
The fun way to play bingo! Just one look at the amusing dispenser, colorful animal tiles, two-sided bingo cards, and transparent monkey chips and you know you're in for some serious fun! Grades PreK+
PPY50501 $19.99
3-36 players. Grades PreK+ T-6061 Colors & Shapes T-6062 Alphabet T-6063 Picture Words
$10.99 Each T-6067 Rhyming T-6068 Numbers
Deluxe Preschool Puzzle Games
Bingo Games
“Bingo!” It’s the sound of learning success as students master basic skills through fun game play. Each game plays 6 different ways, and keeps students of all ages engaged in learning fun!

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