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30 Early Learning • Early Literacy & Math
Learning Sequences
Children put different events in sequential order, recogniz- ing basic concepts of time, such as “before” and “after”. Also helps develop logical thinking and verbal expression. Each set includes a base, 36 washable plastic cards, and teaching guide. 1–4 players. $16.99 Each
MIN31966 MIN31967 MIN31968
Little Stories 1, 12 sequences. Ages 3–4 Little Stories 2, 8 sequences. Ages 5–6 Hygiene Habits, 6 sequences. Ages 3–6
Learning to Sequence
Children will eagerly assemble the pieces of these picture stories to determine what happens next! For added fun, have children narrate the story from every scene. Each set includes 48 photographic cards plus game directions in English, Spanish, and French.
4 Step Sequencing
Early Learning CenterTM
Working with sequences is a great way to help kids develop skills in storytelling and ordering of events. This activ-
ity also helps develop observation, memory and logical thinking skills. Includes 2-Drawer Storage Box, 70 Soft Picture Tiles, 26 Sequence Cards, and Activity Guide. Ages 4+ 1
Ages 4+
CD-140088 CD-140089 CD-140090
$9.99 Each
3-Scene Sets. 16 picture stories.
4-Scene Sets. 12 picture stories.
6-Scene Sets. 8 picture stories. LR-2385
Early Literacy Games
Practice skills independently or in small groups. Ages 3+ CD-3110 Elephants Never Forget! Memory Matching CD-3111 I Spy A Mouse in the House! Picture Rhymes CD-140087 Learning to Read: First Words
$9.99 Each
Fun-to-Know® Puzzles
Reinforce early childhood topics with hands-on puzzles. Self-checking design with photos for real-life learning. Sturdy, durable, two-sided puzzles.
40-52 pieces. Ages 3+ T-36002 Alphabet T-36010 Uppercase &
Lowercase Alphabet T-36007 Easy Words
T-36009 Rhyming
T-36004 Opposites
T-36005 What Goes Together?
Match Me® Games
$10.99 Each T-36016 What Comes Next?
T-36001 Colors
T-36008 Shapes
T-36003 Numbers 1-20 T-36013 Easy Addition T-36011 Community Helpers
Photographic Memory Matching Games
Help children build memory skills in a fun, innovative way by matching colorful, realistic photographs. No reading is required, but cards include the name of the picture to promote early site reading. 2-6 players. Ages 4+ $5.99 Each
SLM220 SLM221 SLM222 SLM223
Sea Life Insects & Bugs
Set of all 10
SLM224 On the Farm SLM225 Food
SLM227 Everyday Objects SLM228 Vehicles
These award-winning games build matching and memory skills. 1-8 players.
Fruits & Vegetables
Ages 3–6
T-58101 Alphabet
T-58102 Numbers 0-10
T-58103 Colors & Shapes T-58104 Positions
$14.99 Each
Match Me® Cards
Award-winning Match Me® Cards strengthen matching, memory, and word/picture recognition skills. 52 two- sided cards, 3" x 4".
Pete the Cat®
Meow Match Game
This beginner game boosts visual discrimination and memory skills as players flip over cards to make matches with Pete and his friends. Includes 78 cards (39 matching pairs), directions, and 5 additional ways to play. Ages 4+
EP-62075 $12.99
Ages 4+
T-58001 T-58002 T-58004 T-58003 T-58007 T-58008
$4.99 Each
Alphabet Numbers 0-25 Telling Time Money Rhyming Words Opposites
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