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318 Games • Critical Thinking & Strategy
Brain ConnectTM
Think fast, act fast! Quickly slide and connect your thoughts into the right order, then, be the first to complete the correct action to win. These sliding puzzles have 16 different start and stop points, so creating a clear train of thought is always a new
and exciting challenge. Includes 4 sliding puzzles and 48 challenge cards. 2–4 players. Grades 3+ BOG06600 $19.99
Squirrels Go NutsTM
Help the squirrels get ready for winter! Can you move the squirrels around and hide their acrons under- ground? This sliding puzzle includes 60 nutty chal- lenges to test your skills. 1 player. Grades 1+ 1
MindoTM Zen
Multilevel Logic Game
To solve the puzzles, turn and flip the double-sided tiles until you recreate the color pattern on the challenge card. They only fit one way into the 4x4 grid; can you figure it out? 60 different challenge cards and 4 levels of difficulty ensure hours of relaxing meditation. 1 player. Grades 3+ BOG06503
Jump In’TM
Can you help rabbits find safety in the brown holes? To move around the board, rabbits must jump over obstacles, including the sliding foxes. Be careful... later challenges require a lot of jumping! Includes 60 challenges. 1 player. Grades 2+ 1
Pixy CubesTM
Test your memory and visual perception in this chal- lenging speed and memory game. Who will be the first to arrange their cubes to match the design on the challenge card? Play alone or competitively.
1-4 players. Grades 1+ 1 BOG00430
Penguins on IceTM
Quadrillion offers countless challenges and thousands of solutions...but can you find even one? Simply click the 4 magnetic grids together in any order, then fit the 12 colored puzzle pieces on the game board you’ve just created. 1 player. Grades 2+ 1 SG-540 $21.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
$14.99 SG-155
A unique game of logic with 5 ‘pentomino’ playing pieces that must be shape-shifted. This challeng- ing game presents players with a double challenge: figure out the right position of every piece, and also its correct shape! Includes 80 challenges. 1 player. Grades 1+ 1
The Fast Paced 4-in-a-row Strategy Game Be the first to get four in a row. Shift the rows and columns to gain the advantage over other players. Beware of your opponents’ next move; it may sabotage your plans! Strengthens prob- lem solving and organizational skills. 2-4 play- ers. Grades 2+
Solve 2-D and 3-D puzzles by rearranging game pieces. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining game pieces to solve the puzzle. 1 player. 1
200 puzzles. Grades 2+ EI-2978 $12.99
Kanoodle® Extreme
303 puzzles. Grades 3+
EI-3023 $14.99
IQ TwistTM
Twist your brain with this award- winning logic game! Fit all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board
to solve each creative puzzle.
120 challenges are included, ranging from easy to extremely difficult.
1 player. Grades 1+ 1
Hundreds of possible combinations!

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