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Playing Cards
A practical learning tool for any classroom!
52-54 cards per set.
CTU9600 CTU7658 CTU7931 CTU7387
Jumbo, 8" x 11" NEW!
Giant, 41⁄2" x 63⁄4"
Standard-size, 21⁄4" x 31⁄2" Standard-size Blank Cards.
Set of 50 $2.99
$19.99 $10.99 $2.99
25th Anniversary Edition of the best chess-teaching game ever!
Classics • Games 321
Let’s Go Fishin’TM Game
Try to get the most fish in this classic action-packed game! Requires 1 “C”battery, not included.
Pop N Hop
Pop the dice and race around the game board as you try to be the first player to get your 4 movers home. 2-4 players. Grades PreK+ 1
4 in a Row
The head-to-head game where players try to be the first to get four of their color disks in a row. A great strategy game for any age! Grades 1+
1-4 players. Grades PreK+
$10.50 PRE170306
Wooden Dominoes
These hardwood dominoes have a polished, colorfast finish with
The Domino Game with
a Three-Sided Twist!
The classic triangular domino game! Score points by matching numbers on the three-sided playing pieces. 2-6 players. Grades 3+
PRE442006 $15.00
Plan your moves and try to collect more “gemstones” than your opponent. Features a beautifully crafted wood board that folds in half and locks into place. Includes 48 colorful glass stones. 2 play- ers. Grades 1+ 1 PRE442606 $13.00
Quick Chess
Learn to play the world’s favorite game in 10 minutes. Now you’re ready to flip the board over and play a tra- ditional game of chess like never before! Comes with complete chess game, quick chess game, quick refer- ence mat to place under the game board, and rules with 10 levels of play. 2 players. Grades 1+ 1 GTGQG01
Includes folding chess board, plastic Staunton chess figures with 21⁄2" King and rules. 2 players. Grades 3+
engraved dots. Grades 2+
PRE152112 PRE162112
Double Six.
28 dominoes.
2-4 players. $3.50 Double Nine.
55 large dominoes. 2-7 players. $5.50
Three classics in one box! Double-sided game board includes 30 plastic interlocking checkers, Staunton chess pieces, dice and rules. 2 players. Grades 3+
The all-time favorite! Includes folding checker board, solid plastic interlocking checkers and rules. 2 play-
ers. Grades 1+
Chinese Checkers
Features a colorful, sturdy game board with 60 plastic marbles and rules.
2-6 players. Grades 2+ 1 PRE190206
Comes with spinner card, 14 bingo cards, tally card, 100 plastic markers and rules. 2-6 players. Grades 2+ PRE190506 $5.50
Includes 10 sturdy plastic playing pieces, board and rules. 2 players. Grades 1+
PRE150512 $5.50
Features sturdy plastic game base,
6 bean bags, scoring labels and rules. 2 players or teams. Grades 1+ PRE208812 $12.50
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Tic Tac Toe
Bean Bag Toss

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