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322 Music • Teaching Aids & Instruments
101 Rhythm Instrument
Activities for Young Children
The perfect book to introduce rhythm instru- ments to young children! Children make the sound of ocean waves using shakers, pretend to be a train using sand blocks, create a rainstorm with rhythm sticks, and more. Plus, they learn to play the instruments along with their favorite songs. 128 pages. Grades PreK–1
Music & Movement
in the Classroom
Featuring music by Greg & Steve! The concise, easy-to-follow lesson plans make teaching music fun and easy. Each book includes two CDs featuring a total of over 30 fun songs. 64 pages. $26.99 Each CTP8016 Grades PreK–K CTP8017 Grades 1–2
Musical Instruments
Bulletin Board Set
Imaginative illustrations of a musical neighborhood provide an engaging back- drop for photos of the four primary instrument groups. A coordinating poster combines the instrument families into an orchestra or band. Features six 17" x 22" posters and a four-page teacher guide with reproducibles.
Music Symbols Wipe-Off®
Bulletin Board Set
Introduce children to the basic symbols of music. Large, clear illustrations teach common symbols and terminology. Includes two reusable Wipe-Off® staffs for hands-on learning. Largest piece is 8" x 25". 20 pieces.
Musical Instruments Trimmer. 3" x 39' plus 16 corners
$12.99 Discover Music Terrific Trimmers®. 21⁄4" x 39' $3.99
Soprano Recorder
One-piece soprano recorder is the perfect choice
for beginners. Ages 3+
Resonator Bells
Hand Bells
The perfect way to introduce kids to melody, notes, and rhythms! 8-note diatonic set of hand bells with a range from Middle C to C. Song card with four songs included. Ages 3+
Brightly colored diatonic bell set with range from Middle C to C. Bells may be individually removed. Includes pair of mal- lets and a plastic case. Set of 8. Ages 3+
WEPRB7201 $37.49
An essential percussion instrument, this wooden Guiro has a wonder- ful, authentic sound. Hand-made in Mexico. Ages 3+
Global Travel Kit
An assortment of unique instruments that produce distinctive sounds. Includes 2 Damroos, 2 Den Den Drums, 2 Sleigh Bells, 2 pairs of Colorful Rhythm Sticks, pair of Wood Maracas, and a cloth bag for storage.
Agogo Bell
Traditional Brazilian instrument has two differently pitched bells with a great high-low sound. Includes mallet. Ages 3+
Wood Maracas
Ages 3+
A must-have musical sound effect
for any classroom! Authentic Chilean instrument made from dried cactus. 14"L. Ages 3+
WEPSE9907-14 $7.99
Hand painted in Mexico, this beautiful pair of maracas produces an authentic, natural sound when shaken. Ages 3+ WEPMA7902 $14.69
Includes 2 CDs!

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