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326 Active Play • Sand & Water
Mad Mattr®
The Unbelievable Dough
You Build With!
This super-soft building compound easily molds and sculpts into any shape you like, with a texture that is incredibly smooth to the touch! Not only is Mad Mattr® perfect for relaxing and calm-
ing, but it’s also great for strengthening fingers, hands, wrists and more. Unique, non-toxic formula is gluten-, casein- and wheat-free. 10 oz. Ages 3+ 1
$12.99 Each
WAB210300 Red WAB210600 Blue WAB210400 Pink WAB210700 Green WAB210500 PurpleWAB210800 Teal
Mad Mattr®
Brick Maker X6
The new Brick Maker tool creates 6 bricks at once. Set includes 5 oz. each of Blue and Pink Mad Mattr® and the 6-Brick Maker tool. Ages 3+ 1
WAB220204 $24.99
Shape It!TM Sand
The Original Sand Play
This revolutionary material feels and acts like wet beach sand and molds to any shape you can imagine. Shape It! Sand never dries out, cleans up easily, and won’t stick or stain. Non-toxic and gluten free. 5 lb. box. Ages 3+ 1 $24.99 Each
Satellite White Lunar Yellow Rocket Red Planet Purple Space Blue Galaxy Green
Kinetic SandTM
Sand in MOTION
Kinetic Sand is a patented formula of 98% pure sand and 2% binding agent that allows the sand to move and flow like wet beach sand or lava! The sand is easy to shape into simple designs and it never dries out so you can dig again and again. Ages 3+ 1 Natural
Also available in 4 vibrant colors! 5 lbs.
Plui® Rain Cloud
This charming water toy playfully teaches children some basic physical principles. Immerse it in water
to fill up and then let it rain. The magic lies in the way you can
stop the rain simply by closing the hole on top with a finger. 5"L. Ages 2+
KO-0046 $14.00
1 kg./2.2 lbs. $14.99 2.5 kg./5.5 lbs. $24.99 5 kg./11 lbs. $44.99
Sparkling White
Play Sand
Allergy-free, clean sand for use in sand & water tables. AP certified non-toxic. 25 lb. box. Ages 2+
$42.50 Each
WAB150303 Red WAB150603 Blue WAB150503 Purple WAB150703 Green
Sand Shaping Tools
These durable, easy-to-clean tools encourage children to create infinite geometric patterns and towers—just pack, position, and plunge! The sand shapes come out perfect every time! Includes trowel and mesh storage bag. 7 pieces. Ages 5+ LCI8260 $19.99
$20.95 ≠
Sand Rollers
Create your own race track!
Create endless roads and train tracks and then make up your own adventure! Suitable for sand and snow play.
105⁄8"L. Ages 11⁄2–6 MIN45216 Highway MIN45217 Train Tracks
$6.99 Each
The perfect solution for
an individual work space! Sturdy construction holds up to daily play. 11" x 11" x 21⁄2" deep. Ages 3+ WAB191101 $9.99
Use with Mad Mattr, Kinetic SandTM, or Shape It SandTM!
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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