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Sands Alive!TM
Sand & Water • Active Play 327
This amazing learning and play compound offers all the fun of sand without the mess! Mold it into hard durable shapes, and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move, almost as if it were alive! Unique non-toxic formula prevents bacterial growth.
Each set comes with 11⁄2 lbs. of sand. Ages 3+
Starter Set
Includes brick and pebble rollers with interchangeable handle, 2 sculpting tools, and play tray.
PVS23014 $19.99
Paver Pete
Includes paver vehicle with 2 replaceable rollers (rock crush and smooth designs), backhoe with scooper, 4 street signs,
2 traffic cones, 2 barrels, and play mat.
This amazing new compound feels lighter than air, is super moldable, and super soft! Use modeling tools for incredible details and effects, or make your own creations using just your hands. Use again and again, Floof never dries out! 81⁄2 oz. bucket.
ChildBriteTM See-All
Sand & Water Activity Center
A space saver that allows great visibility for all your sand and water activities. Super 9"D clear plastic tub with drain plug rolls in or outdoors on four 3" locking casters. Includes 2 snap-on caddies, Mega-Tray, and white plastic lid. 21"L x 21"W x 25"H. Weight 30 lbs. MANS17924 $255.95 ≠ Specify frame color choice when ordering.
Blue Chocolate Sandstone
Frame available in 3 colors!
Sands Alive! is 100% organic and never dries out!
Mobile Sensory Table with Trays & Lids
Intelligently designed with four clear, surface mounted removable plastic trays with lids that hold sensory materials for little hands to
explore and make clean-up a snap. Constructed in beautiful, durable birch plywood in safe, non-toxic natural UV finish
with four heavy duty, lockable casters.
Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty. 33"W x 27"D x 241⁄2"H. Weight 55 lbs.
WB-1775 $329.00 ≠
Deluxe Toddler Sensory Table 291⁄2"W x 181⁄2"D x 14"H. Weight 24 lbs. WB-1854 $194.00 ≠
Frame available in 5 colors!
Red Blue Green Chocolate
Sandstone MANS9424DCRFL
ChildBriteTM Deluxe
Sand & Water Activity Center
ChildBriteTM Double Mite
Activity Center
Made tough and moisture resistant–great for indoor or outdoor use! Table includes two 9"D clear tubs with drain plug, four 2" locking casters, 2 white plastic lids and 2 snap-on caddies. 46"L x 21"W x 24"H. Weight 43 lbs.
MANS10744 $339.95 ≠ Specify frame color choice when ordering.
Clear liner allows unobstructed view of sensory activities. Moisture-resistant high impact resin table can be used indoors or outdoors. Models MANS- 9424DCRFL and MANS9424DDP offer plenty of storage space below. All include white plastic lid and four 3" locking casters. 46"L x 21"W x 24"H.
Frame available in 5 colors!
MANS9424DCRFL w/ Lower 6"D Red Liner MANS9424DDP w/ 2 Lower 4"D Drip Pans Specify frame color choice when ordering.
$354.95 ≠ $407.95 ≠ $430.95 ≠
Red Blue Chocolate Sandstone

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