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Early Literacy & Math • Early Learning 31
Hot Dots® Jr. Interactive Storybook Sets
Preschoolers love these fun, beautifully illustrated stories, each with 11 interactive early learning activities designed to support school readiness. Each set includes 4 storybooks, 24 pages each, plus “Ace” or “Ollie” Pen. Requires 2 “AAA” batteries, not included.
Works with ALL Hot Dots® brand cards!
Pete Ollie Kat Ace
Hot Dots® Jr. Pens
Personal learning coaches, Ace, Kat, Ollie, and Pete cheer for preschoolers when they answer Hot Dots® Activity Card questions correctly and moti- vate them to try again when they answer incor- rectly. Requires 2 “AAA” batteries, not included.
Each set includes 4 storybooks and 1 talking pen!
Ages 3+
EI-2327 EI-2349 EI-2350
$12.99 Each
Pete the Cat®—Your Groovin’ Schoolin’ Friend
Ollie–The Talking, Teaching OwlTM Kat–The Talking, Teaching KittyTM Ace–The Talking, Teaching Dog®
Favorite Fairy Tales
Ages 3+
EI-2320 $24.99
Adventures with Ace & Kat
Ages 3+
EI-2384 $24.99
Hot Dots® Jr. Card Sets
The fun, interactive way to practice essential preschool skills!
Cards can be used alone as traditional flash cards, or when used with any Hot Dots® or Hot Dots® Jr. Pen (sold separately), fun lights and encouraging sounds guide children through the cute, colorful lessons. Each set features 72 activities
Learning Mats
on double-sided cards. Ages 3–6
EI-2351 The Alphabet
EI-2352 Beginning Phonics
Wipe-Off® Books
$14.99 Each
Colorful mats, picture cards, manipulative tiles and markers make learning an adventure! Each set comes with 10 two-sided 10" x 71⁄2" mats, dry-erase marker,
Numbers & Counting
and activity guide with extension activities. Ages 4+
1 $14.99 Each Sight Words
Numbers & Counting Match, Trace & Write Numbers
SC-823958 SC-823961
SC-823965 SC-823959 SC-823968
Alphabet SC-823966
Match, Trace, & Write the Alphabet Short Vowels Long Vowels
Word Families
SC-823964 SC-823963 SC-823960
Set of all 10 $149.90
Time & Money
Wipe-Off® Crayons
Comfortable grip for small hands. Writes easily, wipes clean! Nontoxic. 8 assorted
colors include: green, red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown and black.
Fun activities and engaging characters invite children to discover, practice, and
T-593 Regular T-591 Jumbo
$3.29 $4.49
master basic skills. 28 pages. Ages 3–6
T-94117 My Alphabet Book
T-94118 Alphabet Fun
T-94120 I Can Print Standard
Manuscript T-94145 Learning to Print
T-94127 Early Learning Adventures T-94138 Leap into Kindergarten
$4.99 Each T-94151 Ready to Read
T-94231 School Skills T-94215 Counting 0-31 T-94223 I Can Count 1-100 T-94304 Colors & Shapes T-94125 Fun with Mazes T-94235 Thinking Skills
Wipe-Off® Markers
Low-odor, long-lasting, nontoxic ink wipes clean
with a dry tissue. Medium point tip. Pack of 4.
$6.49 Each
T-98003 Standard Colors. Red, Blue, Green and Black. T-98004 Bright Colors. Purple, Pink, Orange and Aqua.

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