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Active Play • Sand & Water
Water Play Activity Frame
This steel Activity Frame specially designed to fit securely onto our large Sand & Water Play Tables (CTU66011 and CTU66010, sold separately). Hang sand and water tools on the hooks along the side and the top of the sturdy frame for storage. Kids can weave plastic tubing, funnels, or sand toys (not included) throughout the grid for a spectacu- lar waterworks project! 50"W x 283⁄4"H. 1
Sturdy plastic lid included
CTU66099 (Tray not included)
Stackable Sand
& Water Trays
These stackable sand and water trays are ideal for early childhood centers and classrooms with limited space. Trays measure 1911⁄16"W x 279⁄16"L x 6"H. Set of 4.
$124.99 ≠
This strong and versatile plastic play table features a water release plug in the bottom for easy dis- charge. Includes a strong tubular frame fitted with two lockable casters for easy movement. Tray measures 431⁄4" x 237⁄8" x 81⁄2"D. Frame is 443⁄4"L x 25"W. 1 CTU66011 Standard, 23"H
$279.99 ≠ CTU66010 Toddler, 153⁄4"H
$269.99 ≠
Sand & Water
Play Table
Activity Frame and Play Table sold separately
CTU66094 Tray Set CTU66099 Tray Stand
$119.99 $79.99
Water Play Tool Set
Our classroom water play set is packed with a great selection of water tools that allow young children to expand and experience more water activities! All tools are designed for children’s small hands and are extremely easy to use. 27 pieces. Ages 3+ 1 CTU66351
Sand Play Tool Set
All of our sand tools are excellent for indoor and outdoor use, designed specifically for children’s small hands and made of dura- ble high impact plastic for long life use. 30 pieces. Ages 2+ CTU66356 $74.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Dantoy® Buckets & Sieves
These sturdy sand and water toys are a great addition to any sensory play area!Sieve fits on the Colored Bucket, sold separately. Color may vary.
Dantoy® Watering Can
Features two handles with finger grips. Made with high UV resistant colors to prevent fading. Color may vary. 8" tall. Ages 2+
AEPDT1730 $4.99
Ages 11⁄2+
Clear Bucket, 61⁄2"H $4.49
Sand & Water
Watch the wheel spin as water or sand is poured through the adjustable funnel. Brightly colored and durable. 12" tall. Ages 11⁄2+
AEPDT1630 $7.49
Shovel &
Rake Set
A staple for any sand and water activity! Approx. 10"L. Color may vary. Set of 2. Ages11⁄2+ AEPDT1142 $1.75
Colored Bucket, 8"H Sieve, 7" $1.99
Super Scoop
This giant 9" scoop
is great for sand or water play! Color may vary. Ages 11⁄2+ AEPDT1132 $2.49

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