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Gross Motor Skills • Active Play  329
Suction Cups Pop As You Wobble, Tilt and Twirl!
Teeter PopperTM
Whether they rock it, roll it, sit in it or want to move with Tee- ter Popper! Pleasant popping sound rewards movement. Teeter Popper stimulates senses and improves core strength, stability, balance, coordina- tion and gross-motor skills. Weight limit 110 lbs. 28"L x 111⁄2"W x 71⁄2"D. Ages 3+
FBT0952 $36.95
AEPG2198 AEPG2199
Body Bells
Body Bells consist of strong plastic shells containing bells, linked by rigid rubber joints. The colorful bells are easily placed on body parts such as the arms, legs, head or shoulders. Have children try to move without making the bells ring. This requires slow movements and a strong focus on body control. Ages 1+ AEPG2198 Body Bells–Ring with 3 Bells. For arms and legs $15.99 AEPG2199 Body Bells–Twist with 6 Bells. For head, shoulders or other larger
parts of the body
The Wippsider offers a sensomotoric exercise for balancing reactions and motor control. Active motor playing exercises are combined with very high motivating aspects and simple to use. Weight limit 220 lbs.
Joey JumpTM
Place a bean bag on one end of the 28" inclined plane and stomp on the other end, your bean bag sails in the air for you to catch! A wonderful activ- ity to improve hand-eye coordination. Includes Joey JumpTM and 2 bean bags. Ages 4+ 1
Also great for rhythmic and musical activities!
Balance Beam
This solid maple beam measures 72"L x 3"W x 8"D and fits over maple ends with our unique non-tip design. Develops balance and coordination.
Weight 11 lbs.
WD-19900 $140.00 ≠
Step-a-ForestTM Set
An excellent balance unit to coordinate children’s gross motor, balance and muscle development control. Each shape is made of durable plas- tic with soft, non-slip surface texture that allows children
to safely experience balance and gain their confidence. Set includes 6 stumps, 10 trails, 6 leaves, and 2 nylon carry bags. Ages 18 months+

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