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332 Active Play • Markers & Cones
Spot On® Floor Markers
Help students quickly identify where to sit or stand. These 4" wide, write-on/wipe- off floor markers stay on strong but can be removed easily and used again and again. Vinyl Floor Markers attach firmly
to carpet, vinyl, wood, smooth tile, gym floors or other smooth surfaces. Carpet Floor Markers attach firmly with no slip- ping. 2 each of 6 colors. 12 per pack.
9" Round Markers
High visibility 9" spot markers. Perfect as targets and bases.
Colorful Squares
TCR77397 Carpet $9.99
Bright Stars
TCR77384 Carpet $9.99
Stays In Place!
Bright Circles
TCR77383 Carpet $9.99
Pete the Cat® Groovy Buttons TCR62013 Carpet $12.99
Colorful Circles
TCR77379 Vinyl TCR77382 Carpet
Paw Prints
TCR77380 Carpet $12.99
$12.99 $9.99
TCR77378 Vinyl TCR77381 Carpet
$12.99 $12.99
Marquee Stars
Made of durable poly-vinyl. Set of 6 assorted colors.
Straight Arrow Markers
AEPYTB080 $11.99
Curved Arrow Markers
AEPYTB086 $10.99
Arrow Markers
Direction indicators may be used in con- junction with one another, or on their own! Durable poly vinyl is soft, flexible, and skid resistant. Set of 6 assorted colors.
9" Square
Ideal for any gym activity! Durable poly-vinyl markers are heavy and lay flat. Set of 6 as- sorted colors. AEPYTB074
Feet Markers
AEPYTB073 $12.99
Hand Markers AEPYTB072 $12.99
Hand & Feet Markers
Combine movement activities and cognitive skills easily with these colorful teaching aids! Direct movement ac- tivities to reinforce active learning of shapes, colors, and right/left differentiation. Durable poly vinyl is soft, flex- ible, and skid resistant. Set of 6 pairs in assorted colors.
Changeable Cone Covers
Durable covers with clear pockets fit over 9" or taller cones (not included). Insert your own number or directional cue. Holds index cards up to 5" x 8". Easy to clean nylon cover and plastic sleeve. Set of 10 in five assorted colors.
Rigid Plastic Cones
Cone Covers
Water and soil resistant cone covers feature large 4" num- bers (1-10). Ideal for stations and circuit training. Set of 10 in five assorted colors. AEPYTC276 $18.99
Colorful plastic cones are great for classroom and game organization! Durable polyethylene rigid cones have holes on the corners for anchor- ing. Bright colors provide high visibility. Set of 6 assorted colors per size. AEPYTB020 12" Cones $12.99 AEPYTB022 18" Cones $28.99

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