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Indoor/Outdoor Games • Active Play  335
Hop & Count
Hopscotch Rug
Durable rug material is stain-resistant and washable. Reinforced border binding prevents fraying.
Skid-proof back- ing is safe on
all floor surfaces and works for indoor
and outdoor use. In- cludes 2 colorful bean bags.
Hop Scotch
Kids have fun
while learning
numbers! Large,
easy-to-handle (12"
x 12") foam pieces inter-
lock. Bright colors for visual stimulation. Includes 4 place markers, zippered storage bag
with handle. 25 pieces.
PACAC4384 $30.39
Activity Rings
Activity rings inspire countless activities like balancing rings on head, juggling rings on arms and legs, throwing
rings to each other, and more.
Invites spontaneous play as well as structured activi- ties including games, mu- sic/dancing, and physical education. Made from artificial rubber (TPE).
Set of 6.
AEPG2190 $16.99
781⁄2" x 261⁄2". Ages 3+
A life-sized version of the classic, strategy ring-dropping game! Made of brightly colored durable plastic, children will learn cooperation and teamwork as they try to connect four colored rings in a row before their opponent. Weather and fade resistant. Product may vary from image shown. For 2 players or teams.
ELR12521 ELR12507 ELR12509
Jumbo 4-To-Score. Vibrant Colors Jumbo 4-To-Score. 48"W x 173⁄4"D x 46"H Junior 4-To-Score. 461⁄4"W x 24"D x 341⁄2"H
$250.00 ≠ $250.00 ≠ $180.00 ≠
Mini Golf Set
Foam Croquet Set
A safe alternative to traditional wooden croquet. Set includes 6 mallets (28"L), 6 balls, 9 weighted foam covered wickets, and 2 stakes. Packed in a handy carrying case for easy storage and transport. CHSFCRSET $110.10
Cotton Canvas Jumping Sacks
Heavy-duty cotton canvas sacks have a flat bot- tom and super-stitched seams for durability. Also features a ‘Kangaroo’ pocket for essential game storage and long, reinforced handles. Set of 2. PPT94100 $33.99
Colorful 24" putter features a durable plastic shaft and head and foam grip. Set includes 6 putters, 18 targets and 18 solid foam balls in rainbow colors. CHSMGSET $86.49
Use Indoors or Outdoors!

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