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A2 Arts & Cra s • Fingerpaint & Watercolors
Super Value!
Sargent Art® Watercolor Magic® Sets
Washable Liquid Watercolor
Use directly from the bottle for intense, single-stroke color, or dilute with up to 4 parts water for a wash effect. Washes from most fabrics and skin with soap and water. 8 oz. bottles. Made in USA. AP Certified non-toxic.
Art-Time® Washable Watercolors
Vibrant colors blend together beautifully. Lifts easily with the touch of a brush. Washes from most fabrics and skin with soap and water. Each 8-color set
Single Colors $5.44 Each SAR226002 Yellow SAR226050 Blue SAR226014 Orange SAR226066 Green SAR226020 Red SAR226085 Black SAR226042 Violet
10 Assorted Colors
10 colors: yellow, orange, red, magenta, violet, blue, turquoise, green, black,
Fluorescent Colors
6 colors: yellow-orange, red, pink, blue, green, and chartreuse. SAR227099 $32.00
Glitter Colors
6 colors: yellow, red, violet, blue, green, and black.
SAR229099 $32.00
Metallic Colors
6 colors: silver, pearl white, antique gold, gold, pirate gold, and copper. SAR226097 $32.00
Pentel Arts®
Water Colors
Rich, dramatic colors spread and blend easily to create subtle hues. Dries evenly, resists fading and will not crack or flake. Each laminated tube contains 5ml of brilliant, acid-free watercolor paint.
$11.25 $17.25 $21.50
SAR668230 SAR668231
Single 8-color set Classroom Pack. 36 sets
Prang® Watercolors
$1.85 $68.66
$6.79 $10.72
$6.07 $4.01 $4.65 $4.65
Gold Frame Paper, 30 sheets
BIN530525 BIN530555 BIN530527 BIN530500 BIN531500
8 colors
16 colors
Glitter, 8 colors Jumbo, 4 colors Jumbo Refill Strip
$3.02 $5.07 $3.88 $5.24 $3.49
Watercolor Wands
9" x 12"
includes a brush. Made in USA. AP Certified non-toxic.
and brown.
True semi-moist watercolor formula and choice pigments blended with specially formulated binders and dispersing agents have kept Prang the preferred watercolors specified by schools and teachers across America! AP Certified non-toxic.
DIX00800 8-Color Set with brush
DIX08200 8-Color Set Refill Tray, Pack of 3
Washable Watercolors
Art1st® Watercolor Paper
Sturdy, student grade watercolor paper, perfect for both wet and mixed media. Acid free.
90 lb. White, 50 sheets
DIX16016 DIX80525 DIX80515 DIX80516
16-Color Set with brush 8-Color Set with brush
8 Glitter colors with brush 8 Metallic colors with brush
PAC4925 PAC4927 PAC4933
9" x 12" 12" x 18" 18" x 24"
$9.19 $18.39 $36.59
A unique watercolor formula that gives young artists an early start on water-color painting and color mixing. Excellent wash- ability. Semi-moist oval-pans with brush included. AP Certified non-toxic.
Crayola® Washable
Watercolor Sets
12-Color Set 18-Color Set 24-Color Set
A watercolor paint cake is embedded inside the sponge to make these the most conve- nient and least messy watercolors to use. Simply dip the brush in water for a few sec- onds, blot and it’s ready to use! Reusable and washable. Set of 8 brushes.
Color choices: White (05), Yellow (10), Orange (15), Red (20), Blue (30),
Violet (40), Green (45), Brown (50), Black (55)
HAN2410 $4.25
Fingerpaint Tray
White coated 50 lb. two sided fingerpaint paper roll. Fits on most easels. Strong, non-absorbent and will not fall apart when used with finger/poster paints. 16" x 100'.
5 bottles worth of paint in each bottle!
Paint cake
is inside the sponge! Just dip in water!
Fingerpaint Paper Roll
Handy Art®
Washable Finger Paint
High quality water based, finger paints offer washable fun for kids of all ages! Washes out of most clothing. AP Certified non-toxic. Made in USA. 16 oz.
Pacon® Finger Paint Paper
Sturdy plastic tray can be used for fingerpainting, watercolors, drawing, coloring, beading, and more! 171⁄2" x 121⁄2" x 11⁄4. ROM36902 $5.49
PAC5316 PAC73610
16" x 22", 100 sheets 11" x 16", 50 sheets
$9.49 $4.89
Coated 50 lb. white paper is ideal for use with finger paints. Its non-absorbant surface provides for fast
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