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Specialty Paints • Arts & Cra s A3
Pouring Medium
Gloss Resin Finish
Mix with acrylic paint, then pour, swirl, and rotate paint mixture on canvas or other support. Finished product dries clear and glossy to preserve your work. Quick drying, water resistant, and non-yellow- ing. AP Certified non-toxic. 16 oz. SAR228825 $6.67
KwikTM Stix
Solid Tempera Paint Sticks Take the mess out of painting— simply uncap, twist, and paint! Fast-drying formula dries in 90 seconds, leaving a paint-like finish. Great on poster paper, cardboard, wood and canvas.
Sargent Art®
AP Certified, non-toxic. TPG601 6-color set TPG602 12-color set TPG696 96-count,
8 each of 12 colors
$5.99 $11.99
Handy Art®
Student Acrylic
Paint Set
High quality, low cost classroom acrylic cleans up with water while wet, but dries to a permanent, water resistant and flexible semi- gloss finish. AP Certified non-toxic. Set of 6 includes 16 oz. each of Titanium White, Chrome Yellow, Brite Red, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green and Mars Black. HAN881055 $52.28
Sargent Art® Liquid MetalTM Acrylic Paint
The industry’s best metallic acrylic! Superior coverage with rich metallic colors. Ideal for signs, murals, sculptures, stage design, class/school projects, and more. Acid-free. AP Certified non-toxic. 64 oz. $69.25 Each SAR222781 Gold
SAR222782 Silver
Sargent Art® Acrylic Paint
Great for any classroom! Paints are vividly colored, water-resistant after drying and can be used an almost any surface.
AP Certified non-toxic.
Color choices: Yellow (02), Orange (14), Red (20), Magenta (38), Violet (42), Blue (50), Turquoise (61), Green (66), Black (85), Peach (87), Brown (88), White (96) SAR2223 8 oz.
SAR2227 64 oz.
Sargent Art®
Extra Thick Liquid Gesso Acrylic Undercoat
Water-resistant after drying and can be used on most any surface. AP Certified non-toxic.
$4.85 $28.44
Sargent Art® Stretched Canvas
Cotton Canvas is a natural cotton duck cloth suitable for oils or acrylics, and features double acrylic titanium priming, and acid free sizing. Burlap Canvas accepts a wide range of media, and is coated with clear gesso on the back. All Stretched Canvas is stapled on the back to a pine wood frame. Suitable for hanging with or without framing.
Sargent Art® Canvas Pads
Cotton duck canvas, great for practic- ing painting techniques. Suitable for framing. Protected with acid-free siz- ing. 10 pages per pad.
Canvas Roll
100% cotton, not primed. 72" x 6 yds. SAR901001 $100.28
SAR904004 SAR904001 SAR904000 SAR904002 SAR904003
8" x 10" 9" x 12" 12" x 16" 16" x 20" 18" x 24"
$6.67 $11.71 $19.22 $25.73
SAR228801 16 oz. SAR228805 Gallon
Face StixTM
Face Painting Sticks
100% safe, suitable for even the most sensi- tive skin! Paints dry quickly and will not smudge. Washes off easily with soap and water. Non-toxic. Set of 6. 1
9" x 12"
SAR902018 $5.55
SAR902028 $11.65
12" x 16"
SAR902007 $7.97
SAR902029 $16.13
16" x 24"
SAR902021 $12.71
SAR902030 $21.89
DAD104 DAD101
$8.67 $55.46
Do•A•Dot Art!®
The Original Dot Art Marker!
Sponge tip applicator makes painting fun and easy with no cups, no brushes, and no mess. Washable formula dries quickly. 2.5 oz. spill-proof bottles. Non-toxic. Made in USA. 1
$15.99 Set
$16.99 Set
Fruit Scented. 6 colors
Ice Cream Dreams. 6 colors
Rainbow. 6 colors Brilliant. 6 colors Shimmers. 5 colors
DAD202 DAD203
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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