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Familiar Shapes, 10 pieces
Leaves, 8 pieces
Capital Letters
PACAC9087 Set of 26 Foam Brush/
Roller Set
Classroom pack con- tains 10 each of 11⁄2", 2", and 3" foam brushes plus 10 3" foam rollers. Set of 40.
PACAC5212 $15.69
Pattern Rollers
$3.99 $26.59
Foam Brushes, Rollers & Sponges • Arts & Cra s
Creativity Street® Paint Sponges
Kid-friendly paint sponges–great for a variety of art projects! All sponges 3"H.
People, 8 pieces
Creativity Street®
Paint Handle Sponges
Paint Handle Sponges are perfect for young learners. The integrated handle fits small hands and provides added control–and less mess–making projects more fun. Each sponge measures 215⁄16" x 2" x 215⁄16".
Letters, 26 pieces
Numbers, 10 pieces
Variety Assortment, 60 pieces
Numbers 0-9
Set of 10
Colorful plastic rolling pins with WonderFoam® patterns for printmak- ing, collage and other craft designs. Set of 5 includes Dots, Hands, Butterflies, Moons & Stars, and Zig Zags. PACAC9085 $14.29
Easy Grip Mini Texture Wands
Ready2LearnTM Creative Textured Art Tools
Children create wonderful effects with every dab or stroke. Each wand has
a rubber handle that conforms to a child’s fingers for easy holding. 1 $19.99 Set
CE-6685 Set 1. Foam strips, crinkly sponge, chamois and gathered soft foam. CE-6686 Set 2. Chamois strip, sponge strips, foam noodle and foam zigzag
Create wonderful effects with every dab or stroke of these terrific art tools.
Each tool has a unique texture. Set of 4. 1 $15.99 Set CE-6667 Set 1, Blue Handles. Crinkly sponge, chamois, foam strips
and gathered soft foam.
CE-6670 Set 2, Red Handles. Chamois strip, sponge strips, a foam “noodle”
Floppy Foam BrushesTM
Wide bristle foam brushes let you stamp, twist or swipe. Two different thicknesses and sizes. Roll up the 7" or 15" panels or wrap them around a block or cardboard tube. Includes idea guide. Set of 6.
R-5320 $8.99
Creative Design Brushes
Each tool has a fun, plastic handle and a unique brush design: 3 rows of concen- tric circles, a burst, 5 clusters of 5 dots or 2 rows of concentric circles. Set of 4. 1 CE-6668 $15.99
and zigzag pattern.
Paint Effect Stampers
Beautiful patterns on these 6 paint effect stampers let you stamp your way to creative arts and crafts. Each stamp measures 23⁄8" x 23⁄8" and has a plastic handle. 1
Textured Stampers
These 6 marvelous textured stampers all have different patterns and are great for doing backgrounds on artwork. Each stamp measures 23⁄8" x 23⁄8" and has a plastic handle. 1
CE-6651 $14.95
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