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A8 Arts & Cra s • Paint & Clay Stampers
Easy Grip Stampers
Each stamper has a rubber handle that conforms to a child’s finger for easy holding.
English/Spanish Dough & Paint Stampers
These English/Spanish letters are ideal for young children to use with dough and paint. Easy release surface and washable for easy clean up. Letters are
CE-6677 Geometric.
Includes circle, square, triangle, and hexagon.
CE-6678 Patterns.
Includes flower, spiral, splash, and star.
approx. 1". Ages 3+
CE-6917 Uppercase Alphabet CE-6918 Lowercase Alphabet CE-6920 Numbers
CE-6930 Combo Kit, Set of all 3 NEW!
$39.99 $39.99 $19.99
Creative Rollers
These easy-to-use rollers are a great way to get creative! Children can roll out borders for note paper, party decorations, designs on wrapping paper, and anything else their imagi- nations will allow! Each roller is 81⁄2"L. Set of 4. 1
Set of 4. 1
$9.99 Set
Finger Painter/Stampers
With 24 pieces per pack, 3 each of
8 designs, you can stamp your way across any size paper with many fig- ures and patterns. 1
CE-6653 Set of 8 with Pad CE-6654 Set of 24
$4.99 $8.95
Paint & Clay Mushroom Stampers
Made with rubber knob handles that will fit a younger child's palm. Includes four different designs: Recessed Circles, Swirls with Dots, Raised Pyramids, and Raised Circles. Set of 4. 1
Ready2LearnTM Giant Stampers
Ideal for use with paint or ink pads, each foam stamp is 3" in diameter and mounted on a clear see-through top for easy, exact placement. Stamps also have a directional arrow for perfect alignment. Stamps and comfort grip handles are color coded for easy sorting and storage.
Includes reusable, clear plastic storage case.
CE-6711 Alphabet: Uppercase. Set of 28.
CE-6712 Alphabet: Lowercase. Set of 28.
CE-6713 Alphabet Combo: Upper and Lowercase. Set of 56.
CE-6737 Transportation Set 1 includes tow truck, tug boat, airplane, pickup truck, bus,
fire engine, car, bicycle, earth mover, and a cement mixer. $15.99 CE-6740 Transportation Set 2 includes train, bulldozer, helicopter, motorcycle, jeep,
sailboat, hot air balloon, tractor-trailer, dump truck and a wagon. $15.99
CE-6748 Imaginative Play Set 1 includes heart, castle, turtle, star swirl, flower, butterfly,
curl, ladybug, star, and umbrella. $15.99
CE-6749 Imaginative Play Set 2 includes apple, dog, frog, tulip, maple leaf, snowflake,
star, train, teddy bear, and tree. $15.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Paint & Clay Animal Rockers
Paint & Clay Palm Printers
Made of long-lasting hard rubber, each circular stamp has a 2" diameter surface area and comes
Made with rubber knob handles that will fit a younger child's palm. Can be used with paint or clay. Includes four different designs: Leopard Print, Zebra Print, Fish Scales, and Alligator Skin. Set of 4. 1
in a variety of patterns. Set of 4. 1 $15.99 CE-6660
6 Pack Sets
$10.99 Set
CE-6761 Paw Prints CE-6763 Dinosaurs CE-6764 Weather CE-6765 Fruits CE-6766 Vegetables CE-6772 Math Signs CE-6774 Pattern Blocks CE-6775 Celestial
10 Pack Sets
CE-6776 CE-6777 CE-6778 CE-6779 CE-6780 CE-6781 CE-6784 CE-6783
Celebration Art Emergency Vehicles Construction Vehicles Creative Art
Fantasy Dance Insects Insects 2
CE-6739 Farm Animals CE-6742 Sea Creatures CE-6744 Sports CE-6753 Feelings
$33.95 $33.95 $62.99
$15.99 Set
CE-6725 Christmas
CE-6726 Holidays
CE-6732 Numbers 0-9
CE-6735 Solid Geometric Shapes CE-6736 Outline Geometric Shapes

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