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Modeling Tools • Arts & Cra s A9
Colossal Barrel
of Clay Tools
Contains over 149 pieces in all! The 144 Clay Cutters make
a variety of 24 dif- ferent fun animals, shapes and more. Also includes 5 clay tools for cutting, flattening and making great clay impressions. PACAC5604 $84.79
Dough Cutters
Brightly colored plastic dough/clay cutters.
Jumbo Clay
Cutter Set
This 11-piece set includes rolling pin and 10 large cutters. Includes bus, fish, foot, hand, airplane, and other familiar items. Approximately 4" each.
Family. Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter. 4 pieces. Geometric Shapes. Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Heart, Apple, and Snowman. 8 pieces. Familiar Shapes. Cow, Alligator, Gingerbread Man, Train, Elephant, Turkey, Car, and House. 8 pieces.
Capital Letters. 11⁄2"H. 26 pieces.
Numbers 0-9. 11⁄2"H. Includes math symbols. 14 pieces.
$3.35 $4.19
$4.19 $9.69 $7.19
Dough Extruders
Just insert some dough into the syringe-shaped extruder, press down, and decorate! Great for adding detail to all your dough creations.
Dough Tools
These brightly colored, durable plastic tools are easy to use and clean! The 5-piece tool set offers a versatile and creative assortment.
Packs come with 4 or 12 extruders each with a unique pattern. PACAC9764 4-pack
PACAC9769 12-pack
$4.19 $13.19
ent designs.
Wooden Clay Hammers
Set of 5 hammers, each with 2 differ-
Palm Dough Rollers
Children learn how to roll the various patterns using dough, clay, or paint to make fanciful designs. Easy to use plastic handle fits nicely into a child’s palm. Set of 3. 1 $11.99 Set
CE-6671 Set 1. Circles, squares, and
waffle pattern
CE-6672 Set 2. Stars and planet Saturn,
hearts, andflower pattern.
Paint & Clay Finger Printers
Modeling Tools
Set of 7 plastic modeling tools with different tips. Great for use with dough or clay. Easy to use and clean.
Wooden Clay
Rolling Pins
Pins are coated to keep clay from sticking. Set of 4.
Paint & Clay Explorers
Unique 11⁄2" wide designs for use with paint or clay, each with a 5" durable plastic, comfort-grip handle that includes a unique design molded in hard rubber.
Paint & Clay Texture Rollers
Each durable, hard rubber stamp measures 11⁄8" across. The patterns are concentric circles, branches, waves, overlapping ovals, dots, parallel lines, stars and diamond shapes.   1 CE-6659 $7.99
Each roller is 7" long and 1 ⁄2" in diam-
eter and comes in 4 fun designs. Easy clean-up with soap and water.
Set of 4.   1
CE-6759 Set 1, Blue Handles CE-6758 Set 2, Red Handles
$10.95 Set
Set of 4. 1 CE-6665
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