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A10 Arts & Cra s • Modeling Compounds
Crayola® Dough
Bright colors. Very soft consistency. AP Certified non-toxic. 3 lb. tub.
Creativity Street Modeling Dough
Young artists will love the feel of this squeezable dough! Brilliant colors are non- staining. Tubs have secure-fitting lids to keep dough soft and pliable. AP Certified non-toxic. Ages 3+ 1
$11.47 Each BIN570015034 BIN570015036 BIN570015038
Yellow Orange Red
BIN570015040 BIN570015042 BIN570015044
Purple Blue Green
BIN570016 Set of 6. Includes red, orange, green, yellow, purple,
Crayola® Modeling Clay
A non-drying, non-hardening modeling material in bright colors children love. Four 1⁄4 lb. sticks per box. $3.31 Each
BIN570300 BIN570400
Primary Colors Natural Colors
Classpack®. Includes 12 colors, 24 pieces each $64.18 Creativity Street®
Modeling Clay Assortments
Smooth and pliable, this oil-based clay can be reshaped again and again and will never harden. It’s non-crumbling, non-toxic, and non-staining.
PACAC4090-01 1 lb. Assortment-4 Colors.
1⁄4 lb. each of Yellow, Blue & Green. $3.39 PACAC4080-01 1 lb. Assortment-6 Colors. 1⁄6 lb. each of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green,
Black & White. $3.39 PACAC4099 5 lb. Assortment. Contains
1 lb. each of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green & Orange. $16.39
and blue.
$68.80 ≠
6-Color Assortment. Includes 3 lbs. each of red, yellow, blue,
green, orange, and purple, 18 lbs. total
4-Color Assortment. 1⁄4 lb. each of 4 colors, 1 lb. total 8-Color Assortment. 1⁄4 lb. each of 8 colors, 2 lbs. total
$63.59 $5.99 $10.59
Sargent Art® Art-Time® Dough Best Buy Assortments
Soft and malleable—construct any shape, figure or structure with ease! Each color comes in its own easy-store container. AP Certified non-toxic.
Squishy, squashy, shaping fun!
Preschoolers are free to express their creativity—with no mess to clean up after- wards! Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start over again. Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends—and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for
Sargent Art® Modeling Clay
These smooth, non-hardening clays are ideal for free-hand modeling, claymation and realistic sculpting. Each 1 lb. package contains four 1⁄4 lb.
Assorted Colors. Includes 3 lbs. each of yellow, orange, red, violet, green and blue, 18 lbs. total.
Multicultural Colors. Includes 1 lb. each of beige, terra cotta,
peach, brown, mahogany and bronze, 6 lbs. total.
creative fun on the go! Ages 3+
clay sticks.
SAR224400 SAR224005 SAR224007
$3.23 Each SAR224000
SAR224009 SAR224044
EI-1906 Combo 8-Pack
EI-1907 Combo 20-Pack
EI-1876 Classroom Pack (16 super sized pieces in 8 colors)
Product Safety See inSide front cover
$8.99 $22.99 $79.99
Primary Colors Pastel Colors Natural Colors
Earth Tone Colors Colors of My Friends®

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