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Modeling Compounds • Arts & Cra s  A11
Crayola® Model Magic®
A unique, lightweight modeling material for any project or age group. Easy to paint and decorate with watercolor, tempera, acrylic, washable paint or markers. Air dries to a smooth, resilient finish. No oven or kiln firing necessary. AP Certified non-toxic.
4 oz. Packages $4.44 Each BIN574401 White BIN574451 Black
BIN574444 Green BIN574442 Blue BIN574438 Red BIN574464 Terra Cotta
Includes 75 individual packs, 1 oz. each. BIN236001 White $51.47 BIN236002 Assorted. Includes 21 White and 18 each of Red, Yellow and Blue. $53.93
2 lb. Tubs $26.64 Each BIN574400 White
BIN574415 Assorted. 8 oz. each of White, Red, Blue and Yellow
Crayola® Air-Dry Clay
Easy-to-use clay for sculpting and modeling solid, durable forms. No oven or kiln firing necessary. Quickly cleans from hands and most surfaces. Can be painted with tempera, acrylic or watercolors when dry. AP Certified non-toxic.
21⁄2 lb. Tub
5 lb. Tub
25 lb. Value Pack
BIN575050 BIN575055 BIN575001
Terra Cotta
BIN575064 BIN572004 —
$6.64 $12.87 ≠ $46.44
AMACO® Air-Dry Clay
Moist clays that are ready to use for sculpture, hand modeling or throwing on a potter's wheel. Decorate after
TM FastMâché
A Quick-Setting, Fast-Drying, Sculpting Mache!
Just add water! Unique formula allows it to dry faster than other paper maché products. Minimal shrinkage, dries to
drying. AP Certified non-toxic. 25 lbs. AMA46318R White
AMA46319S Terra Cotta AMA46317P Gray
$22.00 Each ≠
AMACO® Self-Hardening Clays
Premium quality, self-hardening clay is formulated for hand-modeling, sculpture and wheel throwing. Moist, ready-to-use. Pieces dry hard and durable, but not waterproof. Can be painted. AP Certified non-toxic.
Activ-Wire MeshTM
Sculpting & Modeling Wire Mesh
Professional grade wire mesh with a 1⁄4" x 1⁄8" diamond pattern that holds any form. Perfect for sculpting with paper maché, air-dry clays, and other craft materials. Easy to cut with house- hold scissors, is non-rusting, and oven safe.
bright white. AP Certified non-toxic. AVX600 11⁄2 lbs.
AVX605 4 lbs.
$12.80 $24.30
5 lbs. 25 lbs.
AVX167 AVX171
Rice Paste Powder
12" x 24" Sheet 24" x 10' Roll
$5.80 $30.70
Mexican PotteryTM
AMA48652C AMA48653D
MarblexTM (Gray) AMA47336W AMA47340B
$17.95 $48.00 ≠
This temporary mold making compound allows for perfect reproductions of any 3-D object in a matter of minutes! Safe to use for body casting, and the material will not adhere to the original. Make multiple castings per mold using ArtPlaster, PermaStone, resin, wax or other casting compounds. AP Certified non-toxic.
An easy-to-use wheat gluten-free modeling medium that mixes with cold water to form a paste that’s great for papier maché
AVX250 12 oz. AVX275 48 oz.
$12.80 $34.00
Claycrete® Instant Papier Maché
Create lightweight sculptures or other fun shapes! Mix with water to form a fine, lumpy paste that can be mod- eled or applied over armature. Sets in 30 minutes. Paints easily when completely dry. 100% pure white paper pulp. AP Certified non-toxic.
Premium casting plaster makes perfect reproductions of any object within minutes. Just mix with water, sets in 30 minutes. Bright white. Accepts any paint or stain when dry. AP Certified non-toxic. 5 lbs.
AVX225 $14.60
Break-resistant casting compound produces a marble smooth finish, infinitely stronger than typical plaster. Reproduces intricate detail. Just mix with water, sets in 20-30 minutes. Bisque white. Accepts any paint or stain when dry. AP Certified non-toxic.
AMA41810B 1 lb. AMA41811R 5 lbs.
$10.80 $41.00
projects! AP Certified non-toxic.
AMA41801A AMA41803D
8 oz. jar, makes 6 pints
3 lb. box, makes 4 gallons
$10.80 $24.00
AVX350 28 oz. AVX375 48 oz.
$8.80 $12.70
This dry, white, non-toxic compound combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier mâché, does not shrink, and is durable for dioramas, 3-D sculptures,
and stage scenery. 3 lbs. AP Certified non-toxic. AMA41821C $10.25

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