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9" x 12" PAC4735 12" x 18" PAC4737
$4.49 $7.09
Heavyweight, 24 sheets
Loose Sheets NEW! Lightweight,
100 sheets
PACX4738 $3.79 PACX4741 $7.69
Bright White Sulphite
Drawing Paper
Excellent multi-purpose bright white drawing paper. Accepts all types of dry media. Excellent tooth and retention. 500 sheets per ream.
Drawing Paper & Fabric • Arts & Cra s  A13
Quick Stack
Paper Organizer
Three sturdy compartments hold 9" x 12" construction paper. Ultra heavy duty plastic construction outlasts cardboard. Snaps together in seconds with no tools required. 11"W x 13"D x 83⁄4"H. STX61640E01C $30.79
Art1st® Drawing Paper
High-quality white sulphite drawing paper.
PAC4109 PAC4112 PAC4118
9" x 12" $11.89 12" x 18" $23.69 18" x 24" $53.48
PAC001310 PAC001316
9" x 12" Construction Paper Storage. 93⁄8"H x 291⁄4"W x 127⁄8"D
12" x 18" Construction Paper Storage. 167⁄8"H x 267⁄8"W x 181⁄2"D
$31.79 $37.79
PAC4739 9" x 12" PAC4742 12" x 18"
Heavy Weight
$16.69 $33.29
$24.19 $47.49
PAC4809 PAC4812
9" x 12" 12" x 18"
Pacon® Cream Manila
Drawing Paper
Ideal texture for beginning drawing and sketching. Medium weight. 500 sheets per
Classroom Keepers® Construction Paper Storage
Store sheets of construction paper neatly in your classroom!
Disposable Art & Decoration Fabric
Smart-Fab is the smart alternative to paper and cloth with endless creative possibilities! This innovative non-woven fabric is easy to cut, fold, glue, sew and staple – and even paint and draw on. Smart-Fab is strong, yet flexible, but doesn’t fray. Perfect for an unlimited range of indoor and outdoor projects, including bulletin boards, banners, arts & crafts and scenic design. And, it’s recyclable!
Black Brown Cream
Dark Blue Sky Blue Dark Purple Grass Green Apple Green Red
Orange Dark Pink Cranberry Yellow
24" x 18' Roll
$7.95 SMF1U382401810 SMF1U382401820 SMF1U382401830 SMF1U382401831 SMF1U382401840 SMF1U382401841 SMF1U382401842 SMF1U382401843 SMF1U382401850 SMF1U382401856 SMF1U382401860 SMF1U382401861 SMF1U382401864 SMF1U382401865 SMF1U382401870
48" x 40' Roll
$18.95 SMF1U384804010
SMF1U384804020 SMF1U384804030 SMF1U384804031 SMF1U384804040 SMF1U384804041 SMF1U384804042 SMF1U384804043 SMF1U384804050 SMF1U384804056 SMF1U384804060 SMF1U384804061 SMF1U384804064 SMF1U384804065 SMF1U384804070
Eye Catching Displays
Impressive Ceremonies & Stage Design
Assorted packs include all 15 colors. 45 sheets per pack.
White Black Assorted
9" x 12" $6.95 SMF23809124510 SMF23809124520 SMF23809124599
12" x 18" $10.95 SMF23812184510 SMF23812184520 SMF23812184599
Do-It-Yourself Costumes
Stylish Social Events

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