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Pacon® Premium Coated Poster Board
Posterboard & Foam Board • Arts & Cra s  A15
This 12 point coated poster board is colored on both sides. High strength bleach kraft base stock is coated for a variety of applications. Coating provides a durable smooth finish that does not bleed when moistened. White is 14 pt. and coated on one side. Fade-resistant and acid free.
22" x 28". 25 sheets.
Red Orange Yellow Green
PAC53801 PAC53821 PAC53831 PAC53841
$37.25 $37.25 $37.25 $37.25
Blue Lt. Blue Black
PAC53861 $37.25 PAC53871 $37.25 PAC53941 $37.25
Pacon® Railroad Board
Great for construction, art projects, mats, mounting, block printing, paint- ing, markers, stenciling and posters! Brilliantly colored on both sides with a smooth uniform finish. 4-ply. Sheet size, 22" x 28". Recycled. 25 sheets. $19.75 Per Carton
Pacon® White 4-Ply
Poster Board
Smooth uniform finish. 22" x 28".
Light Green Dark Blue Holiday Green Pink
PAC54481 PAC54511 PAC54651 PAC54661 PAC54681 PAC54691
Magenta Lemon Red Orange Black Light Blue
PAC54711 PAC54721 PAC54751 PAC54781 PAC54811 PAC54841
Recycled and Recyclable. PAC5460 100 sheets PAC104159 25 sheets
Pacon® Railroad Board Assortment
$59.00 $17.29
Contains 10 each of 10 colors in assorted colors. 4-ply. 22" x 28". 100 sheets.
Glitter Poster Board Kit
UCREATE® Poster Board
Perfect for announcements, meetings, dis- plays, signs or exhibits! Glitter or foil edging adds color and shine to any project. 14 pt. poster board, 22" x 28". 25 sheets. PACCAR40011 Gold Glitter Scalloped
$74.75 PACCAR39940 Chevron Foil $49.75
Foam Board
Lightweight and smooth in vibrant colors or bright white, foam board is ideal for a wide variety of display and craft projects. Available in standard
20" x 30" sheets in convenient multi-packs. 3⁄16" thick. 10 sheets per pack.
FLP2030010 White $34.42
Ghostline® Poster Board Kit
Assortment of 14" x 22" sheets of poster board, each containing a 1⁄2" invisible grid. Includes 6 sheets of white, 2 black, and 4 assorted neon col- ors, plus a set of stencils.
Premium Poster Board
No need to measure, draw or erase lines! Each board has an invisible 1⁄2" grid which makes it easy to line up words, pictures, graphs or charts. 22" x 28". 25 sheets.
Great for all types of projects and signs! Kit includes 4 sheets of 14" x 22" poster- board (1 each gold, silver, black and white), plus a set of stencils. PACCAR38228
Foam Board
No need to measure, draw or erase lines! Lettering, photos, and cut marks line up per- fectly using the invisible grid printed on one side of each board. 22" x 28" x 3⁄16" thick. PACCAR90330K White. Pack of 5 $25.95 PACCAR12007 Black.
Pack of 10 $67.90
FLP2030810 FLP2032010
Black on Black $47.26 Assorted Colors, 2 each of Red,
Blue, Black, Green, Yellow
Grid lines visible up close, disappear from a distance!
Ghostline® Tri-Fold Project Board
Perfect for science projects, learning centers, and more! No need to measure, draw or erase lines. Letter- ing, photos and cut marks line up perfectly using the 1⁄2" invisible grid printed on one side. Made of 3⁄16" thick white foam board. Opens to 22" x 28", folds to 22" x 14". PACCAR12080 $7.59

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