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Crayons • Arts & Cra s  A19
Crayon ClayTM
Make Your Own Crayons!
Form Crayon Clay into your creation, let it air dry for 24 hours, and voilà–it’s forever a crayon! Non-toxic. 5 blendable colors per set.
TPG662 125 grams – 25g of each color $8.50 TPG665 250 grams – 50g of each color$12.99
Wonder StixTM
Writes on almost everything! Just twist to move tip up and down. Washable from all non- porous surfaces. Ages 3+ TPG637 12 colors $6.50 TPG636 24 colors $10.99
My First Crayola® Washable Palm-Grasp Crayons
Primo Triangle Crayons
These palm-grasp, egg-shaped washable crayons are sized to fit toddlers’ hands so they can easily make their first marks. Each egg is the equivalent of 14 regular
crayons! AP Certified non-toxic. Ages 2+ BIN811450 Pack of 3
BIN811451 Pack of 6
$8.78 $14.44
Amazing triangle crayons are easy for small hands to hold, and there are no dangerous pieces or bits because these crayons won’t break! Three sides can be worn to individual point sizes. Perfect for art rubbings, small detail and large coverage. Non-toxic, made with pure beeswax. 12 colors. Ages 2+
Classpack® Assortment NEW!
Includes 3 each of 6 colors, 18 crayons in all.
BIN818127 $33.71
Sargent Art®
Crayola® Multicultural Crayons
Expressive colors specially designed for hands- on learning about self, family and community. Colors: apricot, burnt sienna, mahogany, peach, sepia, tan, plus black and white for blending. AP Certified non-toxic. 8 colors.
Economy Best-Buy Crayon Assortments
These bulk-packaged assortments are filled with quality, economy, and value! Convenient storage box is divided into 8 separate compartments for ease of use. Made in USA.
AP Certified non-toxic.
$27.65 $48.98
Sargent Art® Standard-Size
Economy Crayons
Standard-size crayons in vibrant colors. Uniformly blended pigments. Crayon size: 35⁄8" x 5⁄16".
AP Certified non-toxic.
SAR550908 SAR550916 SAR550924
8 colors $.56 16 colors $.98 24 colors $1.36
BIN52008W Regular-Size BIN52080W Large-Size
Crayola® Glitter Crayons
Add sparkle and shimmer to art projects with
glitter crayons! A unique color palette with actual glitter flecks in each cray- on. AP Certified non-toxic. 16 colors.
Standard-Size Crayon Assortments
Rich and smooth formula works well on dark construction papers. Standard size. 400 count,
16 colors.
SAR223222 $54.16
$2.78 Crayon size: 35⁄8" x 5⁄16".
SAR553220 400 count, 8 colors
SAR553280 800 count, 8 colors
Large-Size Crayon Assortment
Crayon size: 4" x 7⁄16". 200 count, 8 colors.
Extra-Large Size Crayon Assortment
Crayon size: 5" x 9⁄16". 200 count, 8 colors.
Construction Paper Crayons

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