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A20 Arts & Cra s • Markers
Classic Color
These basic hues are familiar and indispensable.
In original or washable formulas. AP Certified non-toxic.
Original Formula
BIN587708 BIN588201
BIN587709 BIN588210
Broad Line. 8 colors Broad Line Classpack®.
256 count, 16 colors Fine Line. 8 colors Fine Line Classpack®. 200 count, 10 colors
$109.09 $4.11
Ultra-CleanTM Washable Formula
BIN587808 BIN588200
BIN587809 BIN588211
Broad Line. 8 colors $5.33 Broad Line Classpack®.
200 count, 8 colors Fine Line. 8 colors Fine Line Classpack®. 200 count, 10 colors
$114.33 $5.33
Crayola® Washable 40- and 64-Color Packs
Amazing color variety! These Classroom Value Packs offer the largest collection of Crayola® marker colors available in a single pack. Washable from skin, clothing, and even painted walls! AP Certified non-toxic.
My First Crayola® Classpack®
Tripod Grip Markers
Perfect for the beginning artist! The triangular shape is easy to grasp while guiding little fingers to a proper writing grip. The triangular shape also prevents mark- ers from rolling away and getting lost. Includes 48 Tripod Grip Markers in 8 different colors.
BIN818123 $54.71
Crayola® Ultra-CleanTM Washable
Multicultural Markers
Eight skin-tone colors add realistic hues to multicultural activities. Washable formula. Colors include: beige, golden beige, terra cotta, tan, mahogany, sienna,
Broad Line
BIN587858 BIN588180
Fine Line
bronze, tawny. Broad line. AP Certified non-toxic. BIN587801 8 colors
BIN588217 Classpack®. 80 count, 10 each of 8 colors.
Crayola Fabric Markers
$5.33 $49.02
40 colors 64 colors
$22.20 $30.00
40 colors
Crayola® Pip-Squeaks®
Washable Markers
Small size, BIG color! Washable formula. Conical tip. 16 colors.
AP Certified non-toxic. $6.00 Each BIN588703 Pip-Squeaks.
Broad Line BIN588146 Pip-Squeaks
SkinniesTM. Fine Line
These fabric markers apply directly to the fabric and are safe and efficient because they require no ironing. Simply toss in the dryer. AP Certified non-toxic. Fine line.
BIN588626 10 colors
BIN588215 Classpack®. 80 count, 8 each of 10 colors Crayola® Washable
Window Markers
Perfect for decorating and drawing on windows, frames and mirrors! Includes smokey slate, shady brown, radiant rose, sunny yellow, vivid blue, glistening green, opaque orange, and window white. AP Certified non-toxic. 8 colors. BIN588165 $5.76
$6.11 $47.60
Crayola® Poster Markers
Create vivid posters in a rainbow of brilliant hues–on light or dark poster paper! Eight vibrant, chisel-tip markers are great for making broad or fine lines. And, because they’re wash- able, clean up’s a breeze! Chisel tip. AP Certified non-toxic.
BIN588173 $5.47

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