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34 Early Learning • Alphabet Awareness
Mirror Letters
Create hanging displays!
Made from highly reflective 2mm thick acrylic, these double-sided mirrors allow children to feel, experience, play with and trace around lowercase letters. Each 23⁄4"H piece features a 3mm hole for stringing to create class- room displays or mobiles. Set of 26. Ages 3+ 1
AlphaMagnets® & MathMagnets®
Alphabet Frieze Cards
Perfect for letter recognition and letter sound association. Write-on/Wipe-off cards feature color photos on the front and plenty of room for letter formation on the
back. Set of 26 cards, 85⁄16" x 107⁄8" each.
Follow Along Letters
Magnetic 11⁄2" letters and numbers are shaped accurately with correct propor- tions. Color coding helps kids distinguish between vowels (red), consonants (blue), and math symbols (red) and numbers (blue). Multicolored sets include red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and magenta pieces. Ages 3+ 1, M
Giant, durable dry-erase letters are great for reinforcing letter recognition and beginning manuscript writing. Each 81⁄2" letter includes lightly colored guides with numbered arrows that show where to begin and
end each line. Use with wipe-off markers. 26 letters. Ages 4+
R-49622 $27.99
Rock ‘N Learn® DVDs
AlphaMagnets Uppercase, 42 pieces AlphaMagnets Lowercase, 42 pieces AlphaMagnets & MathMagnets, 214 pieces
Multi- Colored EI-1630 EI-1632 EI-1638
EI-1631 $9.99 EI-1633 $9.99 EI-1639 $24.99
Alphabet Al leads students on an exciting adventure with cool songs for each letter and musical games to reinforce sound/letter associations. Includes how to print capital and lowercase letters and numbers 0 through 9. Approx. 35 min. Ages 2–5
Alphabet Exercise
Alphabet Al promotes fitness and imaginative play while teaching children about letters. Young learners enjoy performing new and traditional exercises, devel- oped with a certified fitness trainer. Approx. 44 min. Ages 3–5
RL-913 $14.99
Magnetic Letters & Numbers
Durable, washable foam letters and numbers have a magnetic backing. Set includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks and math symbols which are color- coded to help early learning. Upper case letters and numbers are 11⁄2"H and lower case letters are 1". 105 pieces.
PACAC4357 $14.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Touchtronic® Letters
Award-winning Touchtronic® Letters combine the physical and digital worlds of learn- ing for true multi-sensory interaction! The supporting FREE apps include games for teaching letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and word building. Includes 26 letters color-coded with consonants in blue and vowels in red. For use on the iPad 2 and newer versions including iPad Mini, excluding iPad Pro. Ages 3+ 1
JRL300 Single Set. Contains 3-D interactive letters, 3 free learning games
and a teaching app $29.99
JRL301 Classroom Kit. 10 sets, each in a stackable tray $250.00
Supporting Apps are FREE on the iTunes store!

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