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A22 Arts & Cra s • Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils
Thick, 3.3mm core lays down smooth, non-scratchy color and ensures more break-free drawing. Presharpened points stay sharp longer and resharpen easily. AP Certified non-toxic.
® Maped
Colored Pencils
School Pack
Bright colored pencils with soft and resilient lead, provide hours of fun drawing! Triangular barrel makes gripping easier and more comfortable.
BIN684008 BIN684012 BIN684024 BIN684036 BIN684050 BIN688100
8 colors 12 colors 24 colors 36 colors 50 colors 100 colors
$2.29 $3.20 $6.04 $9.20
$12.73 $27.44
Classpack® Assortments
BIN688024 BIN688462
240 count, 12 colors $59.11 462 count, 14 colors$109.93
Comes pre-sharpened, works in all standard pencil sharpeners. 2.9mm pigment core. AP Certified non-toxic. Includes 5 sharpeners. 240 count, 12 colors. MAP832070ZV
Write Start®
Colored Pencils
A hexagonal shape that’s easier for small hands to hold. Extra-thick 5.3mm tips for durability.
AP Certified non-toxic.
8 colors.
BIN684108 $4.64
Colored Pencils
Clear barrels for identifi- cation and viewing the twisting action. No sharpening needed!
AP Certified non-toxic. 12 colors.
BIN687408 $5.40
Colored Pencils
Watercolor pencils offer brilliant colors that blend
with water to create unusual wash effects.
Dip pencil tips in water or wet picture with
a paint brush after drawing. Damp sponges work
great too! AP Certified
Colored Pencils
Skin tone colored pen- cils enable students to draw people of different cultures. AP Certified non-toxic. 8 colors. BIN684208 $2.29
Sargent Art® Colored Pencils
non-toxic. BIN684302 12 colors
BIN684240 Classpack®. 240 count, 12 colors
Prang® Groove
Colored Pencils
$4.51 $85.18
Thick, 3.3mm leads. Excellent color vibrancy. Pre-sharpened.
SAR227212 SAR227224 SAR227236 SAR227251 SAR227286 SAR227252 SAR227293
12 colors
24 colors
36 colors
50 colors
54 colors in Storage Tube 120 count, 56 colors
288 count, 12 colors
$2.49 $5.03
$7.58 Sargent Art® $10.27
Jumbo Triangular Colored Pencils
$63.95 Excellent color vibrancy! Thick 3.3mm leads. Pre-sharpened. AP Certified
DIX28112 DIX28124 DIX28144
12 colors 24 colors 144 count
$6.73 $13.49 $73.74
Triangular shape with a jumbo 5.4mm lead diameter. Pre-sharpened. FREE sharpener included. 10 colors.
SAR227210 $5.34
non-toxic. 12 colors. SAR227231 Metallic SAR227241 Neon
$6.53 Each
$12.00 Metallic & Neon $23.34 Colored Pencils
Three-sided ergonomic shape with slide guards ensure optimal writing hold. Break-resistant core, waterproof, and of the highest quality.
AP Certified non-toxic.

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