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A26 Arts & Cra s • Glue
Washable School Glue
Patented formula is safe and pro- vides quick, strong bond on paper, cloth, wood and other porous material. No-clog twist cap tops. Shatter-resistant plastic squeeze bottle. AP Certified non-toxic.
Creativity Street® Glue Stick 30-Packs
All purpose, washable glue sticks in a classroom-size economy pack! AP Certified non-toxic. 30 glue sticks per box. 1
Creativity Street®
Glue Sticks
All purpose, washable glue sticks are neat, easy and perfect for bonding paper, fabric and cardboard. Retractable applica- tor. Dries clear. AP Certified non-toxic. 0.70 oz. Pack of 2.
1 $2.29 Each PACAC3385-2 Clear PACAC3386-2 Purple
EPIE301 11⁄4 oz. bottle EPIE304 4 oz. bottle EPIE308 7.625 oz. bottle EPIE340 Gallon
$1.44 $2.43 $3.86
PACAC3383-30 PACAC3385-30 PACAC3387-30
$10.32 PACAC3384-30 $16.89 PACAC3386-30 $27.23 PACAC3388-30
0.28 oz. 0.70 oz. 1.41 oz.
$11.14 $17.95 $28.63
Charles Leonard® Economy Glue
Washable school glue bonds to most porous surfaces like paper and cloth, as well as semi-porous surfaces such as wood and ceramics. Washes out with soap and water. All Purpose Glue has a stronger concentration of glue, perfect for light repairs and heavier duty arts and crafts projects. AP Certified non-toxic.
Washable School Glue
All Purpose Glue
11⁄4 oz. bottle
4 oz. bottle
7.625 oz. bottle
Clear Washable Glue
Viscous glue bonds to almost any porous surface. Dries quickly and clear. Advanced formula washes from most fabrics. Non-toxic. Gallon. SAR221374 $17.34
Metallic Glitter Glue Assortment
Elmer’s® Rubber Cement
Can be neatly applied to all paper material, spreads smoothly without stringing and will not wrinkle even the thinnest tissue. Excess can be rubbed off quickly and easily. Waterproof and stainless. Contains pure crepe rubber. Acid free, photo safe. Extremely flammable.
Elmer’s® Craft Bond
Spray Adhesive
This fast-tack acid-free spray adhesive bonds a wide variety of materials and resists bleed- through for more professional results. 4 oz.
EPIE421 $5.93
Glitter Glue Pens
Easy to handle 10cc tubes dispense glue with sparkling accents. Great for collage and
Great for making slime!
Bright, assorted metallic colors. Washable. 8 oz. bottles. Set of 8.
PACAC8563 $44.72
Assorted colors have sparkling, large glittering accent chips. 8 oz. bottles. Set of 8. PACAC8562 $44.72
PACAC8530 Multi-color PACAC8531 Red PACAC8532 Green
PACAC8533 Blue PACAC8534 Silver PACAC8535 Gold
EPIE904 EPI00231 EPI00232
4 oz. with applicator 8 oz. with applicator 16 oz. jar
Glitter Chip Glue Assortment
$6.68 $11.76
Bright Hues Classpack. 72 pens in 12 assorted colors.
$4.10 $47.65
paper decorations. Pack of 6. 1
Glitter Glue
Perfect for the classroom, these squeezable bottles have attached caps for resealing. 4 oz. $2.76 Each
PACAC8561 12 Assorted colors. White, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Silver, Black, Magenta, Copper, Bronze, Pink and Purple. $34.86 Product Safety See inSide front cover

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