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A28 Arts & Cra s • Beads & Buttons
Bucket O’ Beads
Buckets are a great way to stack and store beads easily! Each includes elastic beading thread. 1 $4.99 Each
HYG6821 HYG6822 HYG6832 HYG6826 HYG6828
450 Faceted Beads, 8 mm
400 Barrel Pony Beads, 6 x 9 mm
375 Neon Barrel Pony Beads, 6 x 9 mm Multi-Mix Beads, 4 oz. assorted sizes Striped Straw Beads, 100’s of beads in assorted sizes
Great for beading. 10 yds. PACAC3517 Rainbow Cord PACAC3566 Elastic Cord PACAC3728 Black Elastic Cord,
Striped Straw
Fancy Stringing Rings
Fancy Stringing Rings are exciting transparent colors in fun 5⁄8" shapes with endless craft and stringing possibilities! Also great for teaching counting. 1⁄4 lb.   1
R-2183 $6.99
Really Big ButtonsTM
These extra big buttons are super for stringing, sorting, gluing or counting. Features 8 primary shapes in bright colors. 2" x 2".
$4.05 $4.19
25 yds. $7.29
Plastic Lacing NeedlesTM
Child friendly lacing needles in an assortment of colors! Rounded tip.
Pack of 32. 1 R-5601
Brilliant BeadsTM
ABC Beads
Create fun necklaces or bracelets! Pack of 300.  1 $9.99 Each HYG69300 Colored
HYG69301 Black & White
Pony Beads
There are enough beads in this value pack for all your beading projects! Assorted bright colors for a variety of
Manuscript Letter Beads
Chunky, bright manuscript letters fea- ture large holes for easy stringing! Works with both string and wire.
Pack of 288.   1 $18.99 Each R-2184 Uppercase, 7⁄8" tall
R-2186 Lowercase, 5⁄8" tall
Bright ButtonsTM
Use them as counters or glue onto collage art. Lace up a funky button necklace. Bright colors and fun shapes
Add bold colors to almost any craft project! Big holes for easy stringing. Fun shapes up to 1". Pack of 100. 1 R-2170 $9.99
Jingle Bells
Traditional 15mm bells for any season
crafts. 6 x 9 mm. 1,000 pieces.
up to 1". 1 lb.
R-2145 60 pieces R-2153 120 pieces
$8.99 $17.39
or craft project. Pack of 72. PACAC3114 Silver PACAC3115 Multicolor
Assorted Buttons
$5.69 $9.29
Teach sorting, counting or use as game markers. Make jewelry,
decoupage and necklaces. Assorted sizes and colors. 16 oz. in plastic bucket.
Big Beads
Large holes make it easy to thread! Includes lacing lanyard. Approx. 100 beads. 16 oz. 1 $17.99 Each HYG68100 Opaque
HYG68101 Translucent

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