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Chenille Stems
Soft, fuzzy reusable stems are a classroom favorite for craft projects! 1
Regular Stems
4mm thick. 12"L. Pack of 100. $1.99 Each PACAC711202 White PACAC711208 Green PACAC711203 Black PACAC711210 Blue PACAC711206 Red PACAC711213 Brown
Cra  Supplies • Arts & Cra s  A29
PACAC710001 6" Assorted PACAC711201 12" Assorted
Jumbo Stems
6mm thick. 12"L. Pack of 100. PACAC711001 Assorted PACAC711601 Assorted Sparkle
Colossal Stems®
15mm thick. 191⁄2"L. Pack of 50.
Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners
35mm thick. 18"L. Pack of 12.
$1.55 $1.99
$2.45 $3.99
Chenille Stems Class Packs
Twist into any shape you can image! These colorful, soft fuzzy stems are ideal for
PACAC7185 $11.89
CHL65210 CHL65490 CHL65610
6" Stems, 4mm thick
12" Stems, 4mm thick
12" Jumbo Stems, 6mm thick
$9.99 $15.29 $18.99
all craft projects. Assorted sizes, styles and colors. 1,000 pieces per box.
These soft, furry colorful balls are crush-resistant, fluffy wire-free, and non-toxic. Bright hues. 100 pieces in assorted sizes. 1
Craft Fluffs
Colorfast craft fluffs, ideal for decorations. Approximately 11⁄2" in diameter. Bag of 100. $3.58 Each
Pound of Poms®
Giant 1 lb. bag of poms. Over 1,000 pieces in assorted sizes and colors. 1 PACAC818001 $31.45
Colossal PomsTM
Three different sizes - 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm diameter! Big 1 lb. bag in
PACAC6400 White PACAC6402 Pink PACAC6401 Blue PACAC6403 Yellow
assorted bright hues. 1 PACAC818101
Glitter Poms
Quality, natural feathers in incredible colors are great for costumes, soft jewelry, and all kinds of craft projects. Non-toxic. Approximately 125 pieces per bag. 14 grams. 1 $2.64 Each
Assorted color 1" poms sparkle and
Bright Hues
Spring Colors
Hot Colors
Fall Colors
twinkle. 40 pieces.  1 PACAC811501
Rainbow Poms
Take your project to the next level with these 1" rainbow colored poms.
100 pieces. 1 PACAC811030
PACAC4502 Bright Hues. 1 oz, approximately 325 pieces.
Natural Colors
PACAC450008 $5.86
Quill Feathers
Natural feathers in assorted colors. 6 each: blue, red, green
Eagle Feathers
Imitation eagle feathers look as good as the real thing! Pack of 12. PACAC4512 $6.09
Duck Quills
14 grams (approximately 96 pieces) 3-5" feathers in bright, assorted colors.
PACAC4505 $3.93
Peacock Feathers
Adds a great touch to cos- tumes, masks, collages and other creations. Pack of 12. PACAC4515 $13.49
Spotted Feathers
7 grams of dyed spotted guinea fowl feathers. PACAC4506 $3.70
Product Safety See inSide front cover
and yellow. Pack of 24.   1 PACAC4503

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