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A30 Arts & Cra s • Cra  Supplies
Half Mask
23⁄4" x 6".
PACAC4193 $1.95
Papier Maché Mask
Ready to decorate!
Papier Maché Masks
Activity Box
This mask -making activity kit includes 12 papier maché masks, over 20 grams
of colorful spotted and
duck quill feathers,
2 bags of different
color craft hair
and a variety of
glitter glue pens. PACAC1734
full butterfly and full face.
Black & White Eyes 2,000 pcs.
Face Features 1,350 pcs.
Monster Features 1,350 pcs.
Full Mask
8" x 6".
PACAC4190 $3.65
PACAC4192 Paperboard Mask
Ready to paint and decorate. 8"H.
PACAC4192 $1.92
Classroom Pack
24 piece set includes 4 each of 6 fun designs–Koala, cat, marauder, half &
Die Cut Masks
Mardi Gras Masks
Decorate with paint, glitter, gems, feathers and more.
4 each of 6 different designs. 24 masks.
PACAC4651 $4.19
Paper Masks
Thread elastic cord or pipe cleaners through the holes in the sides and mask is ready to wear. 4" x 8". 50 masks. PACAC4650 $4.35
of any kind.
Colored Eyes 2,000 pcs.
Creative Stickers
These self-adhesive, easy to peel off the roll stickers will bring your projects to life. Six styles of various sizes. Stick on art,
toys and craft projects
CHL64530 Black
$2.89 $3.44
Wiggle Eyes
Give your projects “Eye” catching appeal! Wiggle eyes bring life to dolls, animals, toys and more. Features a flat back for gluing. Standard size packs include 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm eyes. Jumbo size packs include 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm eyes. 100 pieces per pack.
Assorted Colors
Standard Size CHL64500 $2.49 CHL64550 $2.89 CHL64520 $3.49
Jumbo Size CHL64575 $15.99 CHL64570
Peel ‘n Stick Wiggle Eyes
Self-adhesive, no glue needed! Assorted sizes include 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm eyes. 100 pieces.
$16.99 —
Assorted Colors
CE-6931 $11.99 CE-6932 $11.99 CE-6935 $11.99 CE-6936 $11.99
Wiggle Eyes Stickers
600 pcs.
CE-6933 $7.99
600 pcs.
CE-6934 $7.99
Creativity Street®
Pound of FeltTM
A full pound of multi-colored felt.
Great for a variety of craft needs. PACAC3902 Assorted Shapes $12.49 PACAC3904 9" x 12" Sheets.
Over 40 sheets $15.37 Product Safety See inSide front cover
Assorted Colors
Self-adhesive stickers for a variety of craft projects. Assorted styles. 20 sets of eyes per
sheet, 1,000 stickers total. CHL64620 Black
$10.19 $10.89
Wiggle Eyes Classpack
Variety pack offers all the styles, shapes and colors you need all in one place! 500 pieces.
A perfect starting point for many fun and beautiful projects! Excellent for science
projects, dioramas or holiday decorations. 12 per pack.
HYG51101 HYG51115 HYG51102 HYG51103 HYG51104 HYG51106 HYG51202
1" Balls
11⁄2" Balls
2" Balls
3" Balls
4" Balls
6" Balls, Pack of 6 2" Eggs
$3.49 $4.99 $7.99
$15.99 $29.99 $45.99

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