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Alphabet Awareness • Early Learning 35
Letters & Numbers
Featuring Multi-stick Technology®, these reusable, peel-and-stick letters and numbers can be applied to the included learning board or other surfaces such as a whiteboard. A great tactile learning tool! Letters are color-coded, with consonants in blue
Alphabet Post Office
A wonderful hands-on way to learn the
letters and their sounds! Each mailbox
includes a pull-down mail slot for easy
delivery of parcels, and slide-open bottoms
for convenient removal. Kit includes 26 sturdy
plastic mailboxes in 6 colors, alphabet stickers,
78 miniature alphabet objects (3 for each letter),
92 plastic letter tiles, sorting basket, and a step-by-step teacher’s guide with reproducibles. Ages 5+ 1 PC-2004 Alphabet Post Office
and vowels in red. Ages 3+ 1 JRL420 Letters, set of 26 JRL421 Numbers 0–10, set of 24
$14.99 Each
$199.00 PC-5203 Blank Sorting Mailboxes. Add labels for sorting pictures, colors, shapes, numbers, and more. Set of 6 $29.95
Tactile Sandpaper Letters & Numerals
Beginning readers and special needs students will benefit from the tactile experience of these letters and numbers. These 41⁄4" x 23⁄4" cards are covered with fine yellow sand and help students make the connection between the physical movement of forming letters and the actual letter shapes. Ages 5+
Hands-On Alphabet
Help children recognize the letters of the alphabet, connect upper and lowercase letters, and isolate initial sounds in words. Includes 78 objects (3 for each letter), 26 sorting containers, alphabet stickers, and plastic organizing basket. Teaching manual shows you how to get the most out of your alphabet materials.
DD-210830 DD-210829
DD-210828 DD-211211
Uppercase Letters, 26 letters
Lowercase Letters, 26 letters plus two alternative forms of l and t.
Numerals 0-9
Numerals 0-20. Cards measure up to 51⁄2" x 41⁄4"
$15.99 $12.99 $19.99
Ages 4+
PC-2020 PC-2033
Hands-On Alphabet
Alphabet Objects only. 78 miniature alphabet objects and a sorting basket
$99.95 $59.95
Letter Formation Sand Trays
Set of durable plastic letters includes 20 of each lowercase vowel, 10 of each lowercase consonant, and 4 of each uppercase letter. Red vowels and blue consonants, 3⁄4" to 2" high. Includes 414 letters, plus organizer tray with secure- locking lid, and Moveable Alphabet guidebook with dozens of hands-on alphabet activities. Ages 4+ 1
Solid wood tray is perfect for handwriting practice. Contrasting dark blue laminate bottom makes letters stand out clearly. Includes lid and fine grain Safe Sand®, free of crystalline silica. Ages 3+ 1
Moveable Alphabet
Letter Formation Sand Tray
Word Formation Sand Tray
15" x 8"
PC-3003 Single $44.95 PC-3004 Set of 4 $169.00
PC-1022 PC-1017 PC-7400
Moveable Alphabet
Extra Letters. 207 pieces.
Letter Organizer Tray only. Includes secure-locking lid
$79.95 $34.95 $12.95
8" x 8"
PC-2011 Single PC-2012 Set of 4
$24.95 $95.00
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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