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A32 Arts & Cra s • Mosaics & Weaving
Roylco® Basket Bases
Use a variety of materials, such as yarn, paper strips or raffia, to weave your own basket!
9" diameter base, approximately 6" diameter when complete. Pack of 24. Ages 5+
Roylco® Classroom
Weaving Baskets
Economical and easy to make! Weave rainbow paper strips through baskets. 61⁄2" x 41⁄2" x 21⁄4". Includes 12 baskets,
150 strips, and guide. Ages 5+
R-16003 $14.99
Roylco® Structure Sticks
Twist and snap together these bright and colorful building sticks. Each stick is shaped with notches, slots and hexago- nal keyholes that offer lots of options for connecting. The flexible material is easy to bend and twist, yet strong enough
to hold up to regular heavy use. Also makes an exceptional frame for weav- ing. Each stick measures 43⁄8". Includes 400 sticks in 5 colors.
Trait-Tex® 3-Ply School Roving Yarn
This acrylic yarn comes packed in a sturdy, tangle-free dispenser box, and is mildew-resistant and non-allergenic. Each 8 ounce cone provides approximately 150 yards of 3-ply yarn. Includes 9 cones: White, Yellow, Red, Hot Pink, Lavender, Black, Light Green, Orange and Light Blue.
Rug Yarn
3-ply, 100% polyes- ter non-allergenic fiber, wound into 1.37 oz. pull skeins and packed into easy-to-use poly- bags. 60 yards. $4.19 Each
Art Yarn
Extra-thick 100% acrylic yarn in precut
5' lengths is perfect for gift ties, bulletin board trims, craft projects, or hair ribbons. Ten colors, plus white. 50 feet, 10 strands. $6.99 Each
$151.39 PAC04153 Yellow
PAC04003 PAC04053 PAC04093
White Brown Red
PAC04173 PAC04293 PAC04123 PAC04213
Holiday Green Black Pumpkin True Blue
Bright Colors Fluorescent Colors
Roylco® Paper Mesh
A fabulous base for dozens of crafts, this woven, textured paper is perfect for paint- ing, sewing and stitching. Use marker, crayon or pencil crayon to create beauti- ful, textured art. Practice fine motor skills by stitching with yarn or string. Encourage students to create cross-stitch art by draft- ing a design in pencil and filling it in with thread or yarn. 7" x 10", 24 sheets. Ages 3+ R-15401 $9.99
Make a fruit basket!
Roylco® Paper Mosaics
Create patterns, decorate boxes, make frames; endless possibilities! Ages 4+ 1
Multi-Craft Weaving Loom
This extra-large loom has an adjustable frame to fit a variety of projects. Use the included yarn to make classic woven crafts, or create cool tapestries with the picture-weaving strips. Great for all skill levels! Includes 161⁄2" x 223⁄4" x 91⁄2" wooden loom, oversized wooden needle, 91 yards of rainbow yarn, 42 picture strips and an illustrated design booklet. Ages 6+ 1
Double Color
3⁄8", 10,000 pieces
14 colors, 3⁄4", 4,000 pieces
Petit Pattern
3⁄4", 2,000 pieces
R-15630 $11.29
R-15639 $11.29
R-15649 $9.29

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