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Group Activities & Cra s • Arts & Cra s  A33
Sensory Collage Kit
Develop sensory awareness with this great assortment of textures! Spread glue on paper and cover with different colors
and textures. Let dry for eye-popping sensory art! Perfect for a wide range
of developmental levels. Includes: 20 packets of colored, textured materials and guide. Ages 3+ 1 R-75419 $41.99
Dream Catcher
String this Native American craft together to ensure good dreams! Decorate the thick cardboard hoops with markers, paint or crayons before threading the string through the pre-punched holes. Includes 12 dream catchers 51⁄4" x 51⁄4", 971⁄2' twine, 12 plastic needles, beads and guide. Ages 4+ 1
Students can create custom puzzles featuring their own artwork, a letter to a family member or friend, a special invitation or “card”—anything they can imagine! Blank jigsaw puzzles are made of heavy weight cardboard, glossy white on front and matte white on reverse side. 24 puzzles per set, excluding floor puzzle.
Ready2LearnTM Craft Kits
Clever and versatile, these craft kits present everyone the opportunity to make pre-planned designs or use their imagination to make an endless variety of creations while helping to develop fine motor skills, imagination, and
4" x 51⁄2" Rectangle
$9.99 Each HYG96113 9 pcs. HYG96123 16 pcs.
51⁄2" x 8" Rectangle
creativity. Instructions included. 1 CE-6901 Spoon People
CE-6902 Spoon Animals
CE-6906 Mask Kit
Colorful EVA foam in assorted shapes and sizes. Fun to cut and paste. Water resistant. 1
HYG96213 12 pcs. HYG96223 28 pcs.
WonderFoam® Letters & Numbers
One-half pound of letters and numbers in a clear plastic storage tub. Approximately 1,500 pieces. 1 PACAC4304 $14.19
$16.99 $15.99
Multicultural WonderFoam® Packs
Durable foam in multicultural col- ors can be decorated with markers or paints and can also be glued. 24 per package. $7.29 Each PACAC4424 Faces. 7"-8"H PACAC4425 Bodies. 6"-9"H
Floor Puzzle
Single 22" x 28" puzzle. 10 pcs. HYG96661 $9.99
Peel & Stick WonderFoam®
Self-adhesive. 1
$11.95 Each
720 pieces $6.29 Pound of FoamTM. 5,000 pieces $25.89 Tub of Foam Shapes. 1⁄2 lb. $14.19 51⁄2" x 81⁄2". 40 sheets $6.29 9" x 12". 10 sheets $6.69
$8.09 $15.49
Product Safety See inSide front cover
720 pieces
9" x 12". 20 sheets

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