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Handy Art® Fabric Paint Kit
Fabric Paint dries to a soft, flexible finish. Heat setting with an iron is required for a permanent and washable finish. Kit contains 9 colors (4 oz. bottle each)
plus complete instructions. AP Certified non-toxic. Ages 8+
Creativity Street®
Colossal Barrel of Crafts®
A tremendous assortment of popular craft items
in a durable, reusable storage container. Includes feathers, pom pons, chenille stems, wiggle eyes, buttons, dough cutters, modeling clay, glitter poms, jumbo craft sticks, WonderFoam shapes and sheets, sequins & spangles, pony beads & rainbow cord and glitter glue pens. Ages 4+ 1
Group Activities & Cra s • Arts & Cra s  A35
PerlerTM Bead Fun Activity Kit
Lots of fun and easy to make projects with enough beads to make over 40 proj- ects! Includes 8,000 Beads, 4 small pegboards—small square, small hexagon, small circle and turtle— 2 storage trays, ironing paper and an idea booklet. Ages 6+ 1
Add to the Fun:
$9.99 $23.39 $6.99
PER22628 PER80-26082
PER80-26085 PER17000 PER80-22787
Small Fun Shaped Pegboards, pack of 5 Small & Large Basic Shapes Clear Pegboards, pack of 5
Large Clear Pegboards, pack of 4 Multi-Mix Jar, 22,000 Beads
All Seasons Pattern Pad
Roylco® Art Start Kit
A huge assortment of unique materials for 3-D projects! Includes idea guide, 100 pom pons, 1⁄2 lb. of colored macaroni, 1⁄2 lb. of Bright ButtonsTM, 100 wiggly eyes, 100 chenille stems, 2 oz. of spangles, 1⁄2 oz. of feathers, and a plastic stor- age container. Ages 4+ 1
Perfect for all types of collage or 3-D crafts!
Super Huge Treasure Box
Includes Metallic, Embossed, Vellum, Parchment, & Holographic Papers, Bright Sheets & Tag, Cello Sheets, Glitter, Balloons, Colored Bags, Colored Tissue, Paper Doilies, Buttons, Curly Hair, Sequins, Door Hangers, Stick-A-Licks, Felt Sheets, Wiggle Eyes, Foam Sheets, People Shapes & Bookmarks. Also includes CD with hundreds of craft project ideas. 1
Creativity Street® Classic Crafts
Activity Box
Roylco® Big Box of Art MaterialsTM
This box has an extensive assortment of Wax Works®, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, pom pons, craft hair, fluffs, glitter glue pens, craft sticks, sequins, and spangles.   1 PACAC1717
Product Safety See inSide front cover
A super selection of our most exciting collage and craft items, perfect for open-ended art projects and directed crafts. A tremendous value! Ages 4+ 1 R-2101 $74.99

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