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A36 Classroom & O ice • Storage
Classroom Keepers®
Sturdy corrugated boxes ideal for storing, protecting and organizing classroom materials! A variety of sizes and designs allows you to organize and arrange your own convenient storage system.
Storage Tote
UV coating for glossy look and
extra protection. Set of 6 in
assorted colors. 101⁄8"H x 121⁄4"W
x 15 ⁄4"D.
PAC001333 $46.89
PAC001309 PAC001308 PAC001318
10-Slot Mailbox. 165⁄8"H x 21"W x 127⁄8"D with 3"H slots 15-Slot Mailbox. 163⁄8"H x 311⁄2"W x 127⁄8"D with 3"H slots 30-Slot Mailbox. 21"H x 315⁄8"W x 123⁄4"D with 13⁄4"H slots
$30.59 $40.59 $65.59
Book Shelf
Sturdy three tiered book shelf provides storage for books, DVDs, magazines and more. Large space in back holds over- sized books. Glossy finish. 17"H x 20"W x 10"D.
6-Shelf Organizer
Spacious 131⁄4"D x 101⁄2"W x 21⁄2"H shelves are perfect for filler paper, handwriting paper and smaller sizes of art and construction papers. Drawers can be purchased separately.
131⁄2"D x 12"W x 173⁄4"H.
PAC001312 PAC001313
6-Shelf Organizer Drawers. Set of 6.
$23.49 $17.59
The 121⁄2" x 10" slots are designed to hold a variety of materials, each with an
individual name tab.
Front Labels in image not included
Designed to handle the weight of heavier materials like reams of paper and books. Each shelf measures 121⁄2"D x 10"W x 3"H. Easy to assemble. 127⁄8"D x 21"W x 17"H.
PAC001314 $41.49
Magazine Holder Assortment
Store and display reading materials with these durable corrugated holders. The coated finish helps protect during daily use. Each holder mea- sures 123⁄8" x 31⁄8" x 101⁄4". Includes one each of six colors. Set of 6.
PAC001327 $20.59
Easy and efficient way to col- lect and organize classroom papers up to 9" x 12" in size. Individual slots keep home- work private with an easy teacher access on back side. 123⁄16"W x 1311⁄16"D x 1715⁄16"H.
Management Center
Convenient storage unit features one vertical shelf and three horizontal shelves— perfect for notebooks, folders and papers. Two drawers work great for storing pencils, staplers, crayons, flash cards and much more! 123⁄8"H x 131⁄2"W x 123⁄8"D. PAC001331
10-Shelf Organizer
Folder Holder Assortment
Organize your files for easy reference! Long angle cut reveals files at a glance. The coat- ed finish helps protect them during daily use. Each measures 95⁄8"H x 113⁄4"W x 53⁄4"D. Assorted colors. Set of 4.
PAC001328 $19.29
4 assorted colors!
6 assorted colors!

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