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Storage • Classroom & O ice  A37
supplies, and much more.
91⁄4" x 91⁄4" x 51⁄4"
$4.99 Red ROM25902 Yellow ROM25903 Blue ROM25904 Green ROM25905 Purple ROM25906 Orange ROM25909
Tattle® Tray with Label Holder
123⁄4" x 111⁄4" x 63⁄4"
$8.99 ROM26002 ROM26003 ROM26004 ROM26005 ROM26006 ROM26009
4 Units Shown
Stackable Caddy Organizer
Great for on-the-go storage needs! Designed
to allow units to stack using the “lift & lock” feature. Removable storage containers feature hinged, snap-tight lids. Lids can be removed for easier-access to supplies. Includes white frame and three clear containers (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large). 14" x 61⁄2" x 101⁄2". Patented.
Carousel Organizer
Utility Caddy
Great for toting school supplies, craft
Great for storing small supplies! Removable, clear canisters feature snap-tight lids. Base rotates in either direction. 111⁄8" dia. x 65⁄8"H.
6-Bin Carousel
Includes six 6" clear canisters.
$31.27 Each DEF3900CR White DEF39000104 Black
Tilt Bin® Multi-Bin Storage Organizer
Interlocking, dovetail design allows you to stack and connect units together to form a custom modular system. Clear bins tilt out effortlessly and stay open while in use; remove easily for cleaning and refilling. Can be wall mounted or used on tabletop. All units are 235⁄8"W.
9-Bin Carousel
Includes six 3" and three 6" clear canisters. $35.88 Each DEF3901CR White DEF39010104 Black
A great storage solution for small books, papers, and a myriad of odds and ends! The handle doubles as a label holder.
White Black
3-Bin Unit
91⁄2"H x 73⁄4"D
$80.60 DEF20303OP DEF20304OP
4-Bin Unit
81⁄4"H x 65⁄8"D
$70.36 DEF20403OP DEF20404OP
5-Bin Unit
61⁄2"H x 51⁄4"D
$44.92 DEF20503OP DEF20504OP
6-Bin Unit
41⁄2"H x 35⁄8"D
$25.19 DEF20603OP DEF20604OP
Red Yellow Blue Green Purple Orange
6 Qt.
141⁄4" x 111⁄2" x 3"H
$6.99 ROM53502 ROM53503 ROM53504 ROM53505 ROM53506 ROM53509
12 Qt.
141⁄4" x 111⁄2" x 53⁄4"H
$7.99 ROM53602 ROM53603 ROM53604 ROM53605 ROM53606 ROM53609
Cubby Bin with Lid
Colorful bins fit perfectly in classroom cubbies! Also useful for general storage and organiza- tion. Impact resistant plastic prevents cracking. Includes clear lid. 121⁄4"L x 73⁄4"W x 5"H.
$11.23 Each STX62407U06C Red STX62408U06C Blue STX62409U06C Green STX62410U06C Yellow STX62411U06C Purple STX62412U06C Teal
Interlocking Crates
These rugged crates can be stacked and interlocked customized and unique storage solution!
Woven Baskets
The woven pattern dresses up these storage solutions, the sturdy construc- tion can stash items of all sizes, and the bright colors will jazz up any classroom!
Hot Pink Turquoise Lime Blue
10" x 73⁄4" x 41⁄4"
$5.99 ROM74007 ROM74008 ROM74015 ROM74004
14" x 111⁄4" x 51⁄4"
$7.99 ROM74107 ROM74108 ROM74115 ROM74104
141⁄2" x 12" x 81⁄2"
$11.99 ROM74207 ROM74208 ROM74215 ROM74204
Blue Red Yellow Green Purple Teal
63⁄4"L x 53⁄4"W x 43⁄4"H
$3.88 STX63102U18C STX63103U18C STX63106U18C –
9"L x 73⁄4"W x 6"H
$6.05 STX61490U24C STX61491U24C STX61492U24C STX61493U24C STX61494U24C STX61634U24C
in every direction to create a
171⁄3"L x 141⁄3" x 101⁄2"H
$18.99 STX61455U03C STX61456U03C STX61457U03C STX61458U03C STX61459U03C STX61694U03C

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