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A38 Classroom & O ice • Student Essentials
Safety BagsTM
These durable, see-thru bags meet all safety and security measures in schools, offices, airports, public venues and sports arenas world-wide. Made to last, Safety Bags are constructed in a 5mm 20-gauge temperature-treated
PVC vinyl that is BPA free. Ergonomically designed straps with extra
padding. Double-zippered openings. Water-resistant. 3-year warranty.
Bazic Backpack
Ideal for schools, stadiums and travel. Features one large main compartment and a small front compartment with zipper closure. Comfortably padded, adjustable shoulder straps and carrying handle. 111⁄2" x 5" x 16"H. $10.99 Each
SFG27104 Standard. 13" x 7" x 14"H $39.95
SFG27102 Mini. 11" x 5" x 12"H $34.50
2-Pocket Pencil Pouch
Cross-Body Messenger Bag
SFG27109 Standard. 14" x 31⁄2" x 12"H $39.95
SFG27101 Mini. 91⁄2" x 31⁄2" x 12"H $34.50
Clear Vinyl Pencil Pouch
Clear plastic construction allows easy viewing of contents. Ziploc style closure keeps contents securely inside. Fits 3 or 5 ring binders. 10" x 7".
CHL76380 $1.39
BAZ1030 Black BAZ1031 Blue BAZ1032 Red
BAZ1033 Green BAZ1034 Lime Green BAZ1038 Orange
Double pocket pencil pouch has
a mesh front for easy viewing. Fits easily into a 3 ring binder and has reinforced grommet holes. Durable construction for long lasting use. PVC free. Assorted colors. CHL76350ST
Pencil Boxes
81⁄2" x 51⁄2" x 21⁄5". ROM60204 Blue ROM60215 Lime
$3.49 Each ROM60202 Red
Stretchable Book Cover
Protect books from scratches, spills and markings with stretchable fabric book covers. Jumbo size fits books up to 9" x 11". Machine washable. Assorted colors. KITBSJP4510224 $1.59 Each
Safety Compass
Ball bearing control creates accurate circles up to 12" diameter. Complete with pencil, inch and centimeter guide. Shortened safety point and positive pencil lock. Pack of 12.
Plastic Ruler
Maped® Kid’z 8-Piece Geometry Set
Set includes Kid’z Universal Compas, pre-sharpened pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, 6" ruler,
45° triangle, 90° triangle, 180° protractor,
and a shatter-resistant storage case. Blunt safety
tip makes this compass suitable for children ages
These 180° open center protractors have sharply defined graduations. 6" model features a ruler on the base as well as a metric scale.
CHL77104 CHL77106 CHL77410
Maped® Twist ’n Flex 12" Ruler
Twist ’n Flex’s translucent unbreakable material can be twisted and bent time and again! Phthalate free PVC. Assorted colors.
4" Plastic, Clear $.39 6" Plastic, Clear $.49 4" Metal, White Enamel finish
Durable plastic rulers feature double beveled edge with pencil groove. Calibrations show 1⁄16 inches on one edge, millimeters on the other.
6 and up. Assorted colors.
MAP519118 MAP191610 MAP191611
8-Piece Geometry Set Kid’z Compass w/pencil Kid’z Compass. 24-pack
$1.79 $40.56
Assorted Colors
6" Ruler
$.49 CHL80610 CHL80640
12" Ruler
$.39 CHL77136 CHL77336
10-Piece Geometry Set
Economy Wood Ruler
Compact, yet comprehensive set includes a metal compass with 2mm lead, metal compass with pen- cil, pencil sharpener, eraser, 6" ruler, 45° triangle, 60° triangle, 180° protractor and pack of replace- ment leads.
Double beveled. 1⁄16" scale on one edge, millimeters on the other. Natural
finish. 11⁄8" wide x 5⁄32" thick. Pencil groove and single metal edge. Holes allow storage in a ring binder.
CHL77120 $.49
MAP897010 10-Piece Geometry Set MAP119410TA Metal Compass w/pencil MAP37048 Lead Refills, Box of 10
$5.79 $2.29 $1.69

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