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Super Strong Magnets
Colorful, push pin style magnets work well on all magnetic surfaces. Powerful magnets holds up to 6 pages securely. Assorted translucent colors. Pack of 10.
25 per box. CLI32002 Orange CLI32003 Green CLI32004 Red
$58.73 Box CLI32005 Blue CLI32006 Yellow CLI32009 Purple
CLI32010 Assorted, Packof6 $15.66 CLI32000 Assorted,
Box of 36
Teacher Helpers • Classroom & O ice  A39
Colorful Magnets
Powerful magnets hold securely. Tub includes 12 small, 12 medium and 6 large magnets. 30 pieces.
Classroom ConnectorTM
School-To-Home Folders
Use the left pocket to send home projects and papers that stay at home. Use the right pocket to send home papers that should be reviewed and returned to school. Bilingual English and Spanish translations. Clear-view front and
back cover for custom inserts. Made of durable, acid-free polypropylene.
Magnet Man®
Colorful clip with a powerful magnet for hundreds of uses! Assorted colors. ADM3303503041
Includes a dry erase marker with eraser, 2 magnets, adhesive pads and magnet strips for mounting. 81⁄2" x 11" frame comes in assorted colors.
CHL35200 81⁄2" x 11" $4.99
C-Line® Send-Home Book Bags
Magnetic Dry Erase Board
Durable, heavy duty vinyl book bags with sewn reinforced black edges are ideal for sending student materials home and back! 1" gusset expands to hold books, letter-size folders and more. Hook and loop closure keeps contents secure. 101⁄8" x 13" x 1". Pack of 15.
Flip Chart Markers
Special formula ink won’t bleed through flip chart paper. Low-odor formula is perfect for classroom settings. The bullet tip is designed to eliminate the annoying “marker squeak”. 4 colors.
11" x 14", Silver frame NEW! $7.49
Post-it® Super Sticky Tabletop Easel Pad
White 20" x 23" pad has bleed-resistant pull- off sheets, sticks securely to most wall surfac- es and removes cleanly. Convenient carrying handle. 20 sheets per pad. $36.00 Each
Unruled Primary Ruled
Bullet tip.
BIN985906 6-color set BIN985912 12-color set
$4.93 $9.60
Crayola® Washable
Dry-Erase Crayons
GoWrite!® Reusable Dry Erase Easel Pad
For use with dry erase markers. Each sheet is guaranteed to erase cleanly. Includes 10 microperforated sheets with a standard three-hole punch. 25" x 30".
BIN985200 BIN985202 BIN988605
Standard Colors Bright Colors Neon Colors
Bright, washable fine line dry erase markers.
No odor washable dry-erase crayons. Includes EZ Erase cloth and built-in sharpener. 8-colors per set.
AP Certified non-toxic. $4.93 Each
Crayola® Washable Dry Erase Markers
GoWrite!® Dry Erase Adhesive Rolls
An easy and convenient way to create a dry erase board any- where! Stick to the wall, door, table, desktop or refrigerator. Great for meetings, to-do lists, classroom activities and much more. Full adhesive backing won’t leave residue behind! Erases cleanly.
edges. Primary colors. CLI42630 Pack of 5 CLI42620 Box of 25
Landscape Pocket
$13.99 $63.49
18" x 6' 18" x 20' 24" x 10' 24" x 20'
$12.09 $29.29 $22.69 $37.89
Neon Pockets
$2.40 $23.23 $52.88
C-Line® Reusable Dry Erase Pockets
Practice skills with these super heavyweight, reusable pockets. Cleans easily with soft
dry cloth or tissue. Dry erase
markers not included. 9" x 12".
Easy Load Pockets
Open on two sides for easier access to worksheets. Cloth
CLI40711 Single, Black
Primary Pockets
CLI40630 Pack of 5 CLI40610 Pack of 10 CLI40620 Box of 25
$11.99 CLI40814 Single, Red
$23.23 CLI40810 Pack of 10 $52.88 CLI40820 Box of 25
Easy Load

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