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36 Early Learning • Teacher Resources
Effective Discipline Policies
How to Create a System that Supports
Young Children’s Social-Emotional Competence Challenging behaviors can derail an early childhood class- room, and punishment and exclusion aren’t the answer. Young children need support and instruction to help them learn how to cooperate, listen, share, interact positively with their peers and with adults. This go-to resource helps caregivers and teach- ers craft a developmentally appropriate, consistent, effective behavioral guidance policy for children ages 4–8. 160 pages.
Rethinking the
Learning is in Bloom Cultivating Outdoor Explorations
This full-color resource offers 40 hands-on activities effective in engaging young chil- dren in investigating nature, both indoors and outdoors, on the school grounds, and on excursions around the neighborhood. 208 pages.
GR-10066 $19.95
The Complete Daily
Curriculum for Early
Childhood, Revised
Organized by theme, this book includes a morning circle and end-of-day reflec- tion, and different activities for each learning center. Includes over 1,200 activities and ideas to engage multiple intelligences, assessment tools, and a comprehensive appendix of songs, stories, games and dances, props, recipes, patterns, and more. 416 pages.
Growing Up in Stages
Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds
A one-stop shop for developmentally appropri-
ate practices for preschoolers! Based on the most recent research, this series provides developmental milestones for 3- and 4-year-olds, provides exciting curriculum activities, plus ideas and activities for parents to extend learning at home. 96–136 pages. $19.95 Each
Classroom Landscape
Creating Environments That Connect Young Children, Families, and Communities
This resource invites educators and administrators to rethink the traditional classroom, with inspira- tional examples and colorful photos showing how to weave elements that reflect each center’s commu- nity into the classroom design. 264 pages. GR-15525
of Lesson Plans
For Children 3 to 6
This GIANT resource includes more than 250 complete lessons plans, with topics ranging from colors and numbers to seasons and nursery rhymes. With easy-to-use lesson plans for more than an entire school year, this book belongs
on every teacher’s bookshelf!
574 pages.
The Complete Resource
Book for Preschoolers Over 2,000 Activities and Ideas This book is perfect to use as a planning guide or as a resource for responding to children’s specific interests. The daily plans have circle time, music and movement activities, suggested books, and learning center ideas. The appendix is jam-packed with songs, recipes, and games.
GR-10065 GR-15922 GR-15923
Social Development Emotional Development Cognitive Development
463 pages.
Transition Tips
and Tricks
For Teachers
Grab their attention with songs, games, and finger- plays for any time of the day. These classroom-tested ideas are sure to become favorites! 216 pages. GR-16728 $19.95
The Daily Plan
Book for Preschool! Specifically Designed for
the Preschool Teacher!
Unique pages for planning early childhood interest centers. Sample plan pages and numerous helpful hints included.
91⁄2" x 12". 120 pages.
SC-806458 $10.99
Early Childhood Progress Reports
Provides a detailed listing of achievements for the school year in various curriculum areas. Printed on high quality embossed paper. Pack of 10. $4.19 Each
H-PRC0 Preschool: 2 Year Olds
H-PRC1 Preschool: 3 Year Olds H-PRC2 Preschool: 4 & 5 Year Olds H-PRC3 Kindergarten
2nd Edition!

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