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Pens • Classroom & O ice A43
Xpress Fineliner Pens
The premium fineliner for waterproof notes! Great for rulers, templates and art projects. Ergonomic shape with completely rubberized surface guarantees a safe grip and a natural writing movement without hand fatigue. Waterproof ink. Built in “kickstand” prevents pen from rolling. Metal-encased fiber tip.
Comes with Adjustable Case Stand!
0.8mm point. STW190001 Black STW190002 Red
$2.99 Each STW190003 Blue
Schneider® Link-It Pens
STW190093 STW190095
STW190008 Purple 3-Pack: Black, Red, Blue.
$8.99 $8.99
Clever snap system allows different colors to be easily linked for a creative duo! The rubberized, ergonomic triangular barrel ensures a comfortable grip.
3-Pack: Purple, Pink, Green.
Bio-Based barrels.
8 colors 16 colors
0.4mm Fineliner
STW191298 STW191292
1.0mm Fibrepen
STW192098 STW192092
$14.32 $28.64
Pentel Arts® Sign Pens®
The original fiber-tipped pen. Perfect for general writing, drawing, doodling and adding character to any signature. Bright and intense water-based ink is perfect for any time you put ink to paper. 12-count set includes Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange Yellow, Yellow, Gray, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet, and Yellow Ochre.
PENS52012 $21.48
Pentel Arts® Gel Roller for Fabric
Schneider® Line-Up Fineliner Pens
Water-based gel pigment is permanent and waterproof which will withstand repeated washing and dry cleaning. Can also be used to label clothing for school or camp as well as personalizing accessories and other fabric items. Black. PENBN15A $2.65
Pentel® Finito!® X-tra Fine Porous Point Pens
Doesn’t bleed through most paper. Permanent pigment ink makes this pen check safe and fade water resistant. Liquid ink flows smoothly for seamless, skip-free writing. Durable plastic nib writes extra-fine lines with no bleed and no smear.
With its wide range of colors and slim design, Line-Up is the perfect companion for putting drawing and writing in the spotlight. The rubberized, ergonomic trian- gular barrel ensures a comfortable and relaxed grip. Each set includes an adjust- able case easel for quick and easy access. 0.4mm needle tip. Bio-Based barrels.
BIC® Intensity® Pro Marker Pens
Writes like a ball pen, bold like a marker. Professional
wrap and metal clip for a premium look and feel. Permanent on paper. Smear resistant when dry and water resistant.
0.5 mm porous point. Assorted, pack of 5 includes 2 Black,
1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green.
Assorted, 12 Vibrant Colors
STW191094 4 colors STW191098 8 colors
® Zebra Sarasa
$7.96 STW191092 $15.92 STW191091
16 colors 30 colors
$31.84 $59.70
Snap Together!
Snap tight cap helps your ink last longer.
$2.19 Each
Fineliner Pens
Super Fine Point for
Writing & Drawing
Sarasa Fineliner defines fine ink perfor- mance with a unique writing and drawing experience. The needle point creates fine, precise lines in 12 vibrant colors. Smooth, expressive, long-lasting color writing for the artist in all of us. Water-resistant. Acid- free archival quality. 0.8mm needle tip. Dozen. $21.00 Dozen ZEB66110 Black
ZEB66120 Blue
Our most popular pen! LePen® has a smooth writing micro-fine plastic point and a sleek barrel design. Vibrant dye-based ink is smudge-proof, acid free and non-toxic. 0.3mm micro-fine point.
UCH43006P UCH43006F UCH430010A UCH430010B UCH430010C
Pastel, 6 colors NEW! Neon, 6 colors NEW! Basic, 10 colors
Dark, 10 colors Bright, 10 colors
$11.44 $11.44 $19.00 $19.00 $19.00

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