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A46 Classroom & O ice • Pens & Pencils
Promarx® 144-Ct. PetitesTM
Mini Stick Pens
About the size of a golf pencil, these compact little pens rest comfortably in the hand and have no caps to lose! Great for school-wide events like book fairs and open houses. Medium point. Blue ink. Box of 144.
The Original PenAgainTM
This unique product’s patented tripod design deliv- ers a tension free writing experience that works for “lefties” and “righties”. The unusual, ergonomic design and fun colors will make your students want to pick up and write or doodle. Each PenAgain includes two refill cartridges. Pen body comes in assorted colors. Black ink.
BAU00063 BAU00028
PenAgain, Pack of 3 Ink Refills, Pack of 2
$7.49 $1.79
Golf Pencils
The world’s best pencil just got shorter! The same exceptional quality expected from Ticond- eroga pencils, now in a 31⁄2" golf size pencil. Top quality latex-free eraser ensures clean erasing every time. PMA Certified non-toxic. Box of 72. DIX13472 $15.62
PenAgainTM ErgoSof
Makes writing comfortable with soft grips. BIC® mechanical pencils are perfect for
Swirl® Retractable Desk Pens
standardized tests. Lead advances quickly and easily. Pack of 6. BICMPFGP61 0.5mm
BICMPGP61 0.7mm
Pentel® Champ® Mechanical Pencils
$4.40 $4.40
Two colors of ink in one convenient pen! Retractable point. Fine point. Pack of 12.
$11.49 Doz. MPDP80 Red/Blue MPDP89 Red/Black
Duet Grading Pen
Double-sided pen features gold chisel tip on both ends, and smooth writing ink.
BAU00073 BAU00079 BAU00078
PenAgainTM ErgoSof
Twist ‘n WriteTM Pencil
Special coating feels like soft silk! Includes 2 refills.
Black ink.
BAU00021 Blue ErgoSof PenAgain BAU00023 Red ErgoSof PenAgain
TMTM PenAgain Twist ‘n Write
$4.99 $4.99
Contains a thick #2 pencil lead – just twist the tip when you need more. Dual-action erasers on each
Pack of 2. Black & Purple Tub of 48. Assorted Colors Lead Refills, Pack of 5
$4.49 $119.52 $1.79
BIC® Xtra Comfort Pencil 6-Pack
Extra comfortable, extra soft latex-free grip for less writing fatigue. Pre-loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer® HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line. Guaranteed to scan on standardized tests with
Fine point. MUSDBUR Red/Blue
$1.05 Each Checking Pencils
HB lead. Refillable.
PENAL15C 0.5mm PENAL17C 0.7mm
$1.09 Each PENAL19C 0.9mm
Refill Erasers, Pack of 5 $1.75
Combination Red/Blue pencils feature strong, thin, colorful leads for checking and grading. Non-toxic. Pack of 12.
Pentel® HB Super Hi-Polymer® Leads
The world’s #1 selling lead refills. Never needs sharpening. Writes smooth, dark lines and proprietary lead formula resists breaking. HB lead is guaranteed to scan on standardized tests.
Black, 30 Pieces $2.35 Each PENC25HB 0.5mm PENC27HB 0.7mm PENC29HB 0.9mm
Red, 15 Pieces $1.59 Each PENPPR5 0.5mm
PENPPR7 0.7mm
Colored Lead
ZEB52816 Pack of 6 + 1 Block Eraser
ZEB52810 Pack of 12 + 3 Block Erasers $8.40 ZEB56602 Mini Classroom Pack, ZEB56601 Mini Classroom Pack, 54 ct. $37.80
36 Pencils + 12 Erasers $29.70 ZEB56609 Classroom Pack,
192 ct. $134.40
Cap Erasers
Caps have a wedge shaped design, great way to replace worn out pencil erasers. Latex free. Box of 144. 1 $4.29 Box CHL71541 Pink
CHL71544 Assorted
Pink Wedge Erasers
Cadoozles® Starters Beginners Mechanical Pencils Triangular barrel is easy to hold, encourages proper grip and will not roll off the desk. Bold 2.0mm lead is hard to break and is long lasting. Refillable. Standard #2 Lead
Large, Box of 12 Medium, Box of 24 Small, Box of 36
CHL71512 CHL71524 CHL71536
$9.99 $10.99
$2.99 $4.49 $5.49
Soft, pliable erasers consistently produce smudge-free erasures. Erases cleanly without crumbling. Synthetic erasers are latex-free.
Natural Rubber
CHL71502 CHL71504 CHL71506
ZEB52812 Pack of 12
Premium white eraser removes lead easily and cleanly without scuffing, smearing or tearing writing surface. Pocket clip advances/retracts this long lasting eraser with a “clic”. Maximum comfort and control with the latex-free grip. Refillable. $2.25 Each
PENZE22A Black Barrel PENZE22C Blue Barrel
Pentel® Clic Eraser® Grip

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