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A48 Classroom & O ice • Sharpeners & Pencil Grips
X-ACTO® School ProTM Electric Pencil Sharpener
Features an extra large see-through receptacle, automatic pencil stop, heavy-duty motor and quiet operation. 10-year warranty.
iPoint® Electric Pencil Sharpeners
$74.95 $49.95
X-ACTO® Electric Pencil Sharpener
Classroom tested with steel alloy cutters and automatic Pencil-SaverTM to prevent over- sharpening. Auto reset prevents motor burn out. Compact sharpener also has nonskid
ACM15509 ACM16681
feet. 2-year warranty. EPI1800 Putty EPI1818 Black
Pencil Sharpener
Heavy-duty pencil sharpener features rugged steel con- struction with nickel-plated receptacle. Solid steel cut- ters and gears automatically stop when pencil is sharp. Fits 8 different size pencils. Mounting screws included.
$35.62 Each
Designed for heavy-duty use in the school or office. Comes with a multi- hole dial to accommodate all popular pencil sizes. Super-fast super-quiet sharpening. Auto shutoff activates when the pencil is at the perfect point. Also features a large, EZ-view shavings reservoir with safety cutoff that activates if removed. Manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty ACM15509 iPoint® Evolution Axis Multi-Size Pencil Sharpener ACM16681 iPoint® Heavy Duty School Sharpener
Grotto Grip®
Pencil Sharpeners
Shatter-resistant plastic construc- tion. High quality steel for extra smooth shaving. Built in canister keeps shavings contained. 2-hole design sharpens standard and large pencils. Assorted colors.
MAP34049 1-Hole MAP35049 2-Hole
Bumpy Grips
Soft gel grips are lightweight and slim for improved control. Provides excellent
Pencil Sharpener
Classroom Pack
Manual sharpener for standard size $1.29 pencils. Assorted colors. Pack of 24.
ACM15993 $4.99
The Writing C.L.A.W.
Creates a true tripod grip to ensure correct finger position. Fits right or left hand. Latex free. Pack of 12.
Patented pencil grasp trainer that not only decreases hand pain/fatigue and pencil pressure but also improves hand- writing and trains the muscles of the hand to hold the pencil properly from the start. Made in the USA. Non-toxic and latex free. Assorted colors. GGRGG03 Pack of 3
GGRGG12 Pack of 12 GGRGG36 Pack of 36
TPG21112 TPG21212
Small. Grades PreK–K
Medium. Grades K–6
$5.60 $21.55 $61.25
tactile feedback! Pack of 12.
Stetro® Training Grips
Recommended for beginning writers by teachers everywhere! Assorted colors.
Zaner-Bloser® Pencil Grips
With a “fit the fingers” grip, these pencil grips provide an easy, comfortable writing grasp!
MPDST36 36 count MPDST100 100 count
$10.99 $23.49
Assorted colors. 1 ELP9236 Pack of 6 ELP9237 Pack of 30
$2.99 $14.99
Stepping Stones to Grip Development
3 step process guides children to proper finger positioning and control.
The Crossover Grip
Step 1
Added “wings” to The Original Pencil Grip design prevent the common problem of fingers crossing over one another. Naturally places fingers in the proper position for gripping with comfort and control. Pack of 12. $22.08 Dozen TPG17812 Classic TPG17712 Metallic
The Pinch Grip
Step 2
The Pinch Grip balances the structure of The Crossover Grip with the freedom of The Pencil Grip. Gently guides fingers into proper position- ing, improving comfort and control. Pack of 12. TPG12712 $22.08
The Original Pencil Grip
Step 3
Naturally places the hand of lefties and righties
in the proper physiological position for gripping. Assorted colors. Pack of 12.
TPG11112 $22.08
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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